Philips, RCA, GE Universal Remote Codes List & Setup [2024]

A universal remote control is a great invention. It is an excellent replacement for your device remote, especially when it stops working.

Some remotes empower users to control the TV, soundbar, DVD, or any other device with a single remote. However, the real hustle in using such remotes is finding the right universal remote codes list.

RemoteCodesPortal.Com is the one-stop solution for people looking for the latest working universal remote codes for their devices. On this platform, you will get universal remote codes for TV, Smart TV, Soundbar, DVD, Blu-ray, Streaming player, i.e., Roku and Firestick, home theater, and many more.

There are three different types of remote codes 3 digits, 4 digits, and 5 digits, and their application varies from one remote to another and one device to another.

You will find a variety of remotes on the market, but we suggest you go for RCA, Philips, One for All, or GE universal remote. The reason to recommend these remotes is their compatibility with thousands of devices.

Universal Remote Codes List For All Devices [2024]

Above, we shared everything you need to know about a universal remote. But there is one important thing without which the codes are useless and that is programming. The universal remote will not be functional until you program it with your device.

Primarily, there are two ways of programming a universal remote. And we will provide step-by-step instructions for that. Now, let’s get on to the list of codes for universal remotes.

Brandwise Codes Of Universal Remotes

Universal Remote BrandCodes List
Blackweb Universal Remote CodesCheck Codes List
BOSE Universal Remote CodesCheck Codes List
COX Universal Remote CodesCheck Codes List
Chunghop Universal Remote CodesCheck Codes List
Cybertec Universal Remote CodesCheck Codes List
GE Universal Remote CodesCheck Codes List
GMatrix Universal Remote CodesCheck Codes List
Huayu Universal Remote CodesCheck Codes List
Innovage Jumbo Universal Remote CodesCheck Codes List
Jasco Universal Remote CodesCheck Codes List
Keyin Universal Remote CodesCheck Codes List
Logitech Harmony 650 Universal Remote CodesCheck Codes List
Magnavox Universal Remote CodesCheck Codes List
One For All Universal Remote CodesCheck Codes List
Philips Universal Remote CodesCheck Codes List
Pavy Universal Remote CodesCheck Codes List
Radio Shack Universal Remote CodesCheck Codes List
RCA Universal Remote CodesCheck Codes List
Vizio Universal Remote CodesCheck Codes List
Verizon FiOS CodesCheck Codes List
Zenith Universal Remote CodesCheck Codes List

Universal Remote Codes For TVs and Smart TVs

TV Brand NameCodes List
Aiwa TVCheck Codes List
Akira TVCheck Codes List
AOC TVCheck Codes List
Apex TVCheck Codes List
Auria TVCheck Codes List
Avera TVCheck Codes List
Axess TVCheck Codes List
COBY TVCheck Codes List
Craig TVCheck Codes List
Daewoo TVCheck Codes List
Denon TVCheck Codes List
Devant TVCheck Codes List
Dish NetworkCheck Codes List
Durabrand TVCheck Codes List
Dynex TVCheck Codes List
Element TVCheck Codes List
Emerson TVCheck Codes List
Funai TVCheck Codes List
Goldstar TVCheck Codes List
Grundig TVCheck Codes List
Haier TVCheck Codes List
Hisense TVCheck Codes List
Hitachi TVCheck Codes List
Hyundai TVCheck Codes List
ILO TVCheck Codes List
Insignia TVCheck Codes List
Inteset TVCheck Codes List
Jensen TVCheck Codes List
JVC TVCheck Codes List
Kogan TVCheck Codes List
Konka TVCheck Codes List
LeEco TVCheck Codes List
LG TVCheck Codes List
Logik TVCheck Codes List
Magnavox TVCheck Codes List
Matrix TVCheck Codes List
Mitsubishi TVCheck Codes List
NAXA TVCheck Codes List
Ocosmo TVCheck Codes List
Olevia TVCheck Codes List
Onkyo TVCheck Codes List
ONN TVCheck Codes List
Orion TVCheck Codes List
Panasonic TVCheck Codes List
Pilot TVCheck Codes List
Polaroid TVCheck Codes List
Promac TVCheck Codes List
Proscan TVCheck Codes List
Roku TVCheck Codes List
Samsung TVCheck Codes List
Sansui TVCheck Codes List
Sanyo TVCheck Codes List
Sceptre TVCheck Codes List
SEIKI TVCheck Codes List
Senzu TVCheck Codes List
Sharp TVCheck Codes List
Skyworth TVCheck Codes List
Soniq TVCheck Codes List
Sony TVCheck Codes List
Spectrum TVCheck Codes List
Summit TVCheck Codes List
Supersonic TVCheck Codes List
Sylvania TVCheck Codes List
Symphonic TVCheck Codes List
TCL TVCheck Codes List
Telefunken TVCheck Codes List
Toshiba TVCheck Codes List
Union TVCheck Codes List
Upstar TVCheck Codes List
ViewSonic TVCheck Codes List
VivitarCheck Codes List
Vizio TVCheck Codes List
Astron TVCheck Codes List
Westinghouse TVCheck Codes List
Xenon TVCheck Codes List
Zenos Powerful TVCheck Codes List

Universal Remote Codes For Soundbars

Soundbar BrandCodes List
Bose SoundbarCheck Codes List
Comcast Cable SoundbarCheck Codes List
Denon SoundbarCheck Codes List
JBL SoundbarCheck Codes List
LG SoundbarCheck Codes List
Philips SoundbarCheck Codes List
Pyle SoundbarCheck Codes List
RCA SoundbarCheck Codes List
Samsung SoundbarCheck Codes List
Sceptre SoundbarCheck Codes List
Sanyo SoundbarCheck Codes List
Sony SoundbarCheck Codes List
Sylvania SoundbarCheck Codes List
Tao Tronics SoundbarCheck Codes List
Vizio SoundbarCheck Codes List
Yamaha SoundbarCheck Codes List

Universal Remote Codes For DVD Players

DVD Brand NameCodes
Sony DVDCheck Codes List
Samsung DVDCheck Codes List
Philips DVDCheck Codes List
Sharp DVDCheck Codes List
Supersonic DVDCheck Codes List
Insignia DVDCheck Codes List
Hyundai DVDCheck Codes List
Craig DVDCheck Codes List
Memorex DVDCheck Codes List

Blu-Ray Players Universal Remote Codes

Blu-Ray Brand NameCodes
Samsung Blu-RayCheck Codes List
LG Blu-Ray PlayerCheck Codes List
Sony Blu-Ray PlayerCheck Codes List
Vizio Blu-Ray PlayerCheck Codes List
Panasonic Blu-RayCheck Codes List
Sharp Aquos Blu-Ray PlayerCheck Codes List
Philips Blu-RayCheck Codes List
Pioneer Blu-RayCheck Codes List
Insignia Blu-RayCheck Codes List
Toshiba Blu-RayCheck Codes List
Magnavox Blu-RayCheck Codes List
Yamaha Blu-RayCheck Codes List
Oppo Blu-RayCheck Codes List
Sanyo Blu-RayCheck Codes List
Denon Blu-RayCheck Codes List
Funai Blu-RayCheck Codes List
Marantz Blu-RayCheck Codes List
Onkyo Blu-RayCheck Codes List
Seiki Blu-RayCheck Codes List

Universal Remote Codes For Cable Box & DVR

Brand NameCodes
ALLEGRO054, 154
ANTRONIX448, 548
ARCHER448, 548, 648, 748
GEMINI449, 549
GENERAL INSTRUMENT053, 453, 454, 552, 554, 654, 752, 754, 947, 952
HAMLIN649, 749, 849
JERROLD048, 050, 148, 254, 348, 449, 454, 552, 554, 652, 747, 752, 947
PHILIPS150, 549, 650, 748, 750, 848, 850, 948
PIONEER051, 451, 950
RADIO SHACK055, 152, 154
RCA352, 647
SAMSUNG049, 051
SCIENTIFIC ATLANTA248, 251, 351, 451
SIGNAL049, 449
STARCOM348, 449, 747
STARGATE049, 449
TOCOM048, 751, 952
UNIVERSAL448, 548, 648, 748, 851
VIEWSTAR149, 150, 350, 651
ZENITH054, 154, 250, 353, 354, 450, 553, 653, 753, 853, 951

Universal Remote Codes For Satellite Box

Brand NameCodes
CHAPPARAL657, 659, 757
DRAKE059, 360, 857
DISH NETWORK067, 366, 460, 464, 560, 660, 962
DX ANTENNA458, 859
ECHOSTAR067, 366, 460, 464, 560, 660, 962
FUJITSU760, 860
GE265, 863
GENERAL INSTRUMENTS058, 066, 158, 166, 258, 665, 865, 960, 965
HUGHES SATELLITE DSS465, 564, 664, 864, 964
MAGNAVOX DSS259, 565, 862
NORSTAT761, 861
PACE063, 163, 266
PHILIPS259, 565, 862
PROSCAN265, 863
RCA DSS566, 265, 866, 966
SONY DSS160, 963
STS458, 558, 658, 758
TOSHIBA DSS064, 164, 764
UNIDEN762, 958
ZENITH059, 065, 163, 165, 266, 360, 857, 957

Universal Remote Codes For DVD & Blu-ray Players

Brand NameCodes
DAEWOO046, 645, 745
DENON641, 743
ELTA045, 145
HITACHI042, 543, 545
JVC242, 443
KENWOOD544, 641
KONKA642, 742, 842, 942
MARANTZ441, 442
OPTIMUS042, 545
PHILIPS441 442 943
PIONEER042 545
RCA644, 835, 941, 945
TEAC042, 545
TOSHIBA245, 411
YAMAHA641, 643
ZENITH142, 241, 345

Universal Remote Codes For CD Players

Brand NameCodes
AIWA787, 867, 885, 967
AKAI173, 375, 684
CARVER184, 268, 368, 468
EMERSON767, 868, 968
FISHER169, 269, 368, 369, 473

Universal Remote Codes For VCR

Brand NameCodes
AIWA126, 324, 528, 726
BROKSONIC227, 325, 530, 626, 632
CCE230, 826
CITIZEN:025, 026, 425, 525, 625, 725, 825, 826
CRAIG230, 425, 426, 525
DAEWOO026, 135, 625, 626, 726, 825, 826, 926
NEC025, 235, 428, 526, 530, 725, 731, 831, 931, 436
OLYMPUS130, 226
OPTIMUS035, 224, 525, 537, 737, 837, 937
PANASONIC035, 039, 130, 226, 635, 636, 937, 938
PHILCO130, 226, 330, 635
PHILIPS130, 226, 330, 430, 434, 439, 536, 631, 734, 738, 934, 937
PIONEER132, 232, 436, 629
QUASAR039, 130, 635, 636, 937
RCA033, 124, 130, 133, 136, 226, 233, 332, 424, 425, 432, 532, 629, 636, 732, 832, 834, 835, 837, 932
RADIOSHACK027, 029, 035, 124, 129, 130, 224, 226, 324, 335, 425, 426, 428, 525, 631, 635, 726, 737
REALISTIC027, 029, 035, 124, 129, 130, 224, 226, 324, 335, 425, 426, 428, 525, 631
SAMSUNG037, 335, 425, 427, 429, 537, 624, 625, 629
SANKY224, 534
SANSUI235, 333, 436
SANYO328, 425, 426, 428
SCOTT325, 327, 433, 625, 626, 630, 735, 927
SHARP027, 224, 324, 338, 631, 637, 737, 825
SONY034, 038, 138, 238, 524, 838, 936
STS130, 226, 629, 834
SYLVANIA130, 324, 330, 536, 630, 635, 726
SYMPHONIC225, 324, 726
TEAC235, 324, 726
TECHNICS035, 130, 226
TiVo738, 838
TOSHIBA029, 330, 433, 625, 629, 630, 735
YAMAHA025, 235, 428, 436
ZENITH030, 036, 125, 326, 436, 437, 524, 525, 534, 632, 638, 729, 824, 925, 929, 936

How To Program Universal Remote With Codes [Easy Steps]

We have chosen the top 10 best universal remotes and created a step-by-step guide to program these remotes with code.

Programming GE Universal Remote

How To Program Universal Remote To Sanyo TV
  1. Install new pair of AAA batteries in GE universal remote.
  2. Direct the remote towards the TV and hold the Setup button.
  3. Keep holding until the Power button light starts glowing.
  4. Press and release the “TV” button on the remote.
  5. Type the universal remote code for the TV using the keypad.
  6. That’s it. You have paired the remote to your TV.

If the remote isn’t programmed. Repeat the steps and use a different code this time. Don’t miss to check how to program GE universal remote without code.

Program RCA Universal Remote Direct Code Entry Method

Program RCA Platinum Pro Universal Remote Without Codes
  1. Install new AAA batteries in RCA remote.
  2. Aim the remote towards your TV or another device you want to program.
  3. Next, hold the TV button on the remote for 3-5 seconds, and the small LED light on the remote will turn ON.
  4. While holding the TV button and enter the code using remote numeric keys.
  5. After entering the code, release the “TV” button.

Following the same procedure, you can pair the remote to any device i.e. DVD, Blu-ray player, soundbar, etc.

Program Jumbo Universal Remote

Innovage Jumbo Universal Remote without Codes
  1. Install new batteries and direct the remote toward the device.
  2. Hold the Code Search button located at the top left. Keep holding until the remote light turns ON.
  3. After releasing the code search button, press the TV button on the remote once.
  4. It is time to enter the remote code. Enter the code by pressing the numeric keys on the remote.

Your remote has been successfully programmed to the TV. Repeat the instructions if the remote isn’t functioning and enter a different code.

How To Program Magnavox Universal Remote

Magnavox Universal Remote MC345
  1. Grab the Magnavox remote and add new batteries.
  2. Turn on your TV and point the remote towards it.
  3. Press the “Code Search” button and hold it until the remote’s red light turns ON.
  4. Put the remote in programming mode by pressing the “TV” button.
  5. Type the universal code compatible with your device.

Your remote has been programmed. In case of an issue, we suggest repeating the instructions and using a different code.

How To Program Universal Remote Without Codes

Those having trouble pairing the remote with codes can try the below-given methods to program any universal remote to tv without codes. This technique automatically searches the right code and applies it, however, it may take slightly longer to program the remote with this method. Let’s get started:

Program RCA Universal Remote Without Codes

RCA universal remote and RCA Platinum Pro universal remote control. We are going to share a guide to program both these models.

Set Up RCA Platinum Pro Universal Remote

  1. Switch ON your TV manually and grab the RCA remote.
  2. Direct the remote towards the TV.
  3. Hold the “Code Search” button, wait for 3-4 seconds, and the light on the remote turns ON.
  4. Press the TV or DVD/Aux, CBL button, or whatever you want to program.
  5. Next, press and release the remote “Power” button every 2 seconds. Keep doing so until your TV switches OFF.
  6. When your TV turns OFF, press the “Enter” button immediately to save the code.

If you took more than 3 seconds to press the Enter button, you need to repeat the process.

Set Up RCA Universal Remote New Model

  1. Switch on your TV manually.
  2. Grab the remote and hold the “Power” and “TV” button simultaneously until the power button light turns ON.
  3. Press the “Play” button, and the remote light will start blinking. Blinking indicates the remote is searching for code.
    When the light stops blinking, press the “Play” button again. Repeat this step until your TV “Switches OFF”.
  4. When your TV turns OFF, press and release the “Reverse” button. Keep pressing until your TV turns ON.
  5. The final step is to press the “Stop” button on the remote to stop the programming process.

Programming Magnavox Universal Remote Auto-Search Method

  1. Hold the “Code Search” button for 3-5 seconds. The remote light will turn ON.
  2. Release the “Code Search” button once the light turns ON.
  3. Press the device button (TV, DVD, AUX, or CBS), whatever you want to pair.
  4. Press and release the “Power” button and the remote will start searching for a code.
  5. After a few seconds, your TV will turn OFF. At this moment, immediately press the “Enter” button to save the code.
  6. Your remote has been paired. Turn ON the TV again using the remote control and test its functions.

Program Philips Universal Remote Without Codes

  1. Switch ON your television.
  2. Hold the “Setup” button until the Power button light turns ON.
  3. Next, press and release the “TV” button on the remote.
  4. Press and release the “Power” button. The power button light will blink “10 times” and stop. Repeat this step until your TV switches OFF.
  5. Again Turn ON your TV manually by pressing the Power button.
  6. Now, press the “Volume UP” button after every three seconds. Keep doing so until your TV switches OFF again.
  7. When the TV turns OFF, press the TV button on the remote again to save the code.

Innovage Jumbo Universal Remote To TV Without Codes

  1. Aim the Jumbo remote towards your “TV”.
  2. Hold the “Code Search” button until the remote red light turns ON.
  3. Next press the TV button on the remote.
  4. Now repeatedly press the “Power” button after every 2 seconds until your TV turns OFF.
  5. Press the “Enter” button to confirm and save the code.

Pairing Huayu Universal Remote Without Code

  • Power ON your TV.
  • Grab the remote and aim it toward your TV.
  • Hold the “Source” button. This will activate programming mode.
  • Keep holding the button until the volume of your TV starts increasing, and when it does, leave the button.

Configuring Logitech Harmony 650 Universal Remote

Logitech Harmony 650 can be paired to 270,000 devices of 6000 brands. Its programming requires the installation of PC software or the Harmony mobile application in which you enter the brand name and model number for pairing. We have written a detailed guide on how to program Logitech Harmony 650 remote control, you can check that.