GE Universal Remote Codes For ROKU [March 2023 Update]


Get the latest and working list of GE universal remote codes for Roku stick, ultra, box, premier streaming device and TV.

Roku TVs and streaming sticks are very popular in the United States. It lets you enjoy a variety of content available on the internet. Both Roku TVs and devices are of top-notch quality, but sooner or later, you may face a situation when your Roku TV remote stops working and you cannot control it.

Don’t worry! We are here to take you out of this situation. You can either get a Roku replacement remote or a GE universal remote. According to our research, on average, each home in the USA has 4 to 5 remotes. And the reason for advising a GE remote is, it can replace all your entertainment device remotes, and you can control them with a single GE remote. You may also like to check the GE universal remote codes for RCA roku TV.

GE Universal Remote Codes For ROKU [March 2023 Update]

After getting a General Electric remote, you will need a list of codes for establishing a connection with a TV or streaming stick. You will find the GE universal remote codes in the user manual, and if Roku codes are not there, you can use the list shared below. There are multiple codes, so there are more chances that you will easily pair your remote to a Roku box or television.

GE Universal Remote Codes CL3 for Roku Stick

GE Universal Remote Codes CL4 for Roku

GE Universal Remote Codes CL5 for Roku

  • 2013, 4395, 0903

GE Universal Remote Codes for SHARP Roku TV

  • 6001, 6251

GE Universal remote codes for TCL Roku TV

  • 6171

Check complete list of GE Universal Remote CL5 Codes.

The given codes are compatible with Roku stick, express, streambar, ultra, premier, and Roku box. Let us know in the comments which 4-digit universal remote code for Roku device worked for you.

How To Program GE Universal Remote To Roku Streaming Devices & TV

Can I Use Universal Remote with Roku TV

After grabbing the code, the next thing you need to do is to program the remote to your device.

  1. Hold the Setup button for 4 seconds.
  2. Press the “CBL” button.
  3. Enter the universal remote codes. That’s it!

For more details and step by step instructions on programming GE remote check the guides given below:

We hope you will easily program the remote by following the steps in the given guides. If there are any issues, you can post them in the comments.

Why won’t my universal remote connect to my Roku?

As per our research, these are some common factors due to which you are unable to connect remote to Roku:

  • Using incorrect pairing code
  • The remote is already paired with other devices
  • Batteries problem
  • Remote is faulty

Final Words

GE remote is the best replacement for the Roku TV remote. It can perform all the functions from tuning, changing channels, streaming content, adjusting volume, and more. But to activate all these functions, you need to program the remote using the GE universal remote codes for Roku TV and streaming stick. In this post, we have shared the list of new and working 4-digit codes. We tried these codes on Roku TV and stick, and they worked like a charm. I hope they will work for you too. Give it a try and share your experience.


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