How To Find Roku Remote Using Lost Remote Finder

Have you misplaced your Roku remote? Learn how to find your lost Roku remote in less than 60 seconds using the remote finder feature.

Browsing the Roku system menu without the remote becomes challenging if you have lost your Roku remote. Though Roku has a remote control app, still using it to control your stick or TV is really a frustrating experience!

So, it becomes mandatory to find the misplaced remote to enjoy your favorite TV show, NFL game, or more by sitting on your couch or bed. But the question here is how to locate your Roku device remote control.

How To Use Remote Finder To Find Missing Roku Remote

The Roku Enhanced Remote and Roku Voice Remote Pro are powered with a built-in speaker. Usually, it is used for voice commands, but it can be very handy when the Roku remote is missing. Let’s see how this feature work and how you can use it to find your Roku stick remote.

You need to trigger your Roku Enhanced Remote or Roku Voice Remote Pro by simply saying:

“Hey Roku, where’s my remote?”

Ensure your voice is loud and clear. Upon saying this command, the remote will produce a beeping sound. You can trace the sound to find your remote control. That’s how simple it is.

The Roku Ultra streaming stick also has a physical button to find the remote. Press that button once and locate the remote following the beeping sound.

Roku Ultra Remote Finder Button

This might be helpful for you how to find Roku remote without remote finder.

Locating Remote Using Roku App

Roku App for iPhone

Follow these steps to find the remote using the Roku smartphone app:

  • Download and install the Roku app on your Android or iOS mobile.
  • Open the app after installation.
  • Enter your login and password details and tap the sign-in button.
  • Tap on your Roku device to begin establishing a connection.
  • Tap on the Device option located on the Navigation bar
  • Select your Roku device paired with the lost remote control.
  • Next, tap on the three dots and select Ping My Remote option.
  • Your remote will start beeping, and you can find it easily.

Alternate Method To Locate Roku Remote Using Mobile App

You can also follow this method to find your missing Roku remote using the Roku mobile application:

  • Switch ON your Roku device.
  • Launch the Roku smartphone app and tap on the Remote icon.
  • Navigate to Settings using the direction buttons on the app.
  • Now, scroll down and open Remote and Devices option.
  • Choose your remote model from the list you will see on your TV screen.
  • Next, choose the Find Remote option.
  • Your remote will start beeping. You can follow the sound to locate your lost remote control.

Finding Roku Remote Using Lost Remote Finder Button

Roku Ultra streaming device has a Lost Remote Finder button. In some models this button is located the back or on the top of the device. When you will press this button, you remote will start beeping and you can locate its position.

I hope by following the method shared above, you will easily find your Roku remote. However, if you have any questions or face any problems searching for your lost Roku remote, feel free to write us.

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The lost Roku remote can be anywhere, under the table, bed, in cushions, etc. After detailed research I have shared the best way to find the lost Roku remote, and that is using the remote finder function. I hope you will be able to find your remote easily using this function.

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