How To Program Blackweb Remote [2 Quick Ways]

Unable to pair Blackweb remote with your device? We will share what we did to program Blackweb remote and make it functional.

If we create a list of the top 10 best universal remotes, Blackweb will be one of them. It is due to its compatibility with 500+ devices and its ability to be paired with up to 6 devices simultaneously. Earlier, we shared the Blackweb universal remote codes latest list. But that list is useless if you don’t know how to connect the remote to your TV, DVD, soundbar, or other entertainment devices. Before jumping on to the steps, check Blackweb universal remote codes, you will need them for programming.

How To Program Blackweb Remote [2 Quick Ways]

When it comes to programming Blackweb universal remote control to any device, there are two methods:

  • Programming with Codes
  • Programming without Codes

Below we will discuss each one of them in detail. Let’s get started:

Pairing Blackweb Universal Remote with Code – Direct Code Entry

Here is how you can program the Blackweb remote manually:

  • Switch ON your device (TV, soundbar, streaming player, cable box, etc.)
  • Grab the Blackweb remote and hold the Program button.
Hold the Program button on Blackweb remote
  • Keep holding the button until the Power button light on the remote lights up. It is a signal that the remote is ready to be programmed.
Blackweb Power Button Lights Up
  • Press and release the device button. We assume you are pairing it to your television, so press the TV button on the remote.
Pairing Blackweb Remote to TV
  • Now, enter the 4-digit code that represents your TV brand.
Entering Blackweb Remote Code
  • The remote light will turn off if the code you entered is valid. If the light stays ON, try again and enter a different code.

Programming Blackweb Remote Without Code – Auto Code Entry

Auto code search or auto code entry method automatically scans the remote’s database and applies the valid one. Here’s how it works:

  • Turn ON your smart TV or a device that you want to pair.
  • Aim the remote towards the TV and hold the Program button until the Power button light on the remote lights up.
  • Press and release the TV button. The Power light will blink one time.
Pairing Blackweb Remote to TV
  • Next, hold the OK button on the remote. The remote will start sending different code instructions to the TV.
OK Button on Blackweb Remote
  • Keep holding the button until your TV switches OFF. When the TV turns OFF, immediately release the OK button and wait a couple of seconds to let the remote store the code.

You are done! Your Blackweb remote is successfully connected to your TV. The procedure to re-pair Blackweb remote is the same as above.

This guide is helpful for all the Vizio, LG, Toshiba, Samsung, Sony, Element, Roku, Fire TV, and all those brands listed in the user manual of Blackweb remote.

Final Words

Blackweb remote pairing is simpler than programming RCA universal remote or the GE universal remote. You don’t have to worry about anything. I have shared all the details in an extremely easy way. To control your TV, satellite box, soundbar, or any other device with Blackweb remote, you have to pair it. For your ease, we have shared a step-by-step guide to program blackweb universal remote. You can follow any of the methods to make your remote functional with the desired device. Try the guide and post your issue in the comments if you get stuck at any stage.


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  1. Danny Pigg says:

    I have tried and tried with the codes for igsignia and without codeby pressing program until power light comes on then press tv light blinks once then hold ok button for 8 min nothing

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