How To Program GE Universal Remote With and Without Codes

Learn how to program GE universal remote with and without codes to unlock all its features and to control your TV, DVD, soundbar functions.

As per Remote Codes Portal findings programming GE universal remote without codes is much easier as compared to configuring it with a keycode. This sounds very true because to program a GE universal remote control with code requires you to enter a correct device code which is not easy to find. Contrary to that, the auto code search method automatically scans and program the remote to your TV/DVD or any other device.

There is no need for any keycode to connect your remote with the device. This is very useful if you are in a situation where you don’t have relevant codes. And there are very few universal remotes that offer this functionality.

With the GE 33709 universal remote you can control Samsung, Vizio, LG, Sony, Sharp, Roku, Apple TV, TCL, Panasonic, Element, Smart TVs, Streaming Players, Blu-ray, DVD, and many more entertainment devices.

How To Program GE Universal Remote

The two basic ways to set up GE universal remote control are: pairing it to a device with code and the second one without code. There is another number search method that works with very few devices. We will discuss all of them one by one. We used the exact same method to set up GE universal remote a year ago.

How To Program GE Universal Remote with Codes

Step 1: First, “Turn ON” your TV and point your remote control towards the device.

Step 2: Press and hold the “Set-Up” button and wait for the signal. The LED light of the remote will turn ON.

Step 3: Now, press the device button (TV, DVD, Cable Box) whichever you want to program with the remote. We are assuming you are programming TV, so press the TV button.

Step 4: If you have a user booklet then search for the relevant key code in it. If it doesn’t have the code, you can check the GE universal remote codes list above.

Step 5: Find the correct code according to your device and type it using the remote keypad.

Step 6: Upon entering the right key code, the remote control LED light will switch OFF.

NOTE: If the code is incorrect, try the next code. Here we are assuming your digit code is correct.

Step 7: Now to verify and confirm the code press the remote’s “Power” button.

The user manual of the GE universal remote has a bunch of codes for different devices. If you have that booklet then you can configure the remote using it.

How To Program GE Universal Remote Without Codes

Follow this method if you don’t have a list of GE universal remote codes. Without further ado let’s check how you can easily program GE universal remote without code for TV/DVD, CBL, etc.

Step 1: “Switch ON” your device (TV, CBL, etc.) and point the remote towards it.

Step 2: Press and hold the “Setup” button until you notice the red LED light on your remote turns ON.

Step 3: On the remote, there is a button to program every device and you have to press that. We are going to program TV so we will press the “TV” button. If you want to configure the DVD, you will press the DVD button.

Step 4: Next, press the “Power” button after every 5 seconds on the remote until your device turns OFF.

Step 5: Now, again Turn ON your TV from the front panel of the TV.

Step 6: Start pressing the “Channel +” button after every 3 seconds until the TV turns OFF.

Doing so forces the remote to find the correct keycodes stored in the remote database.

When it finds the correct code your TV will switch OFF. Turning OFF means the right code has been detected.

Step 5: After turning OFF the television, verify the code by pressing the remote’s “TV” button.

That’s it you have successfully paired the GE remote control. Now you can access all functions of your device using a remote.

Number Search Method to Configure GE Universal Remote

This third method to configure your GE universal remote for a TV does not work on all devices. Let’s see how this works and how you can use it to program the remote to your device.

Step 1: “Turn ON” your TV. Make sure all other devices placed near the TV are OFF.

Step 2: Direct the remote towards the TV and press and hold the “Setup” button and wait until the LED light blink two times or turns ON.

Step 3: Press the device button, in our case it’s the TV. You can press the respective button as per your device to begin programming the remote.

Step 4: After choosing the right device, enter this code “991”.

Step 5: Now, press and hold the “Power” and “Channel +” button and wait until the device turns OFF.

Step 6:  Turning OFF means the remote has been programmed and now you have to verify it by pressing the “Enter” button.

Step 7: After verification press, the “Power” button again to save the code in the remote’s database. Now you can use the GE universal remote control with your desired device.

NOTE: The above-mentioned instructions to program general electric universal remote control will also work on GE CL 3, CL 4, and CL 5.

If your GE remote is not working properly, the instant fix is to factory reset the GE remote.

Final Words

We hope you will find this guide to programming GE universal remote with and without code very useful. If you have the correct codes to pair the remote to your TV, DVD, SAT, or Cable box that’s fine but not having a code is a real issue. In that case, you can use the guide to program the GE remote without code, this is a 100% working method and works on almost every device. If you face any trouble with the above-listed methods, don’t hesitate to post your query in the comments section. We will be glad to help you in getting rid of the problem.


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