LG Blu-Ray Player Universal Remote Codes & Program Guide

LG Blu-ray player is one of the top-rated players on the market. Its functions are controlled with a remote control that you get with a device. However, due to any reason, you are unable to control your Blu-ray with the original remote, you must try your luck with a universal remote.

This remote has the power to control all the entertainment devices at your home, which means you don’t have to juggle different remotes. As per my testing, Philips is the best universal remote for LG Blu-ray.

To program the remote I have shared the universal remote codes for LG Blu-Ray player and step by step instructions for pairing the remote.

LG Blu-Ray Player Universal Remote Codes [2023]

After a lot of research, I have compiled a list of all working LG Blu-ray universal remote codes. These codes are helpful in quick remote pairing. Otherwise, you have to go through a complex procedure of programming your remote.

4 and 3 Digit Remote Codes

  • 0741
  • 1602
  • 2039
  • 2270
  • 2297
  • 2303
  • 2339
  • 2352
  • 2363
  • 2368
  • 2371
  • 615
  • 673
  • 824
  • 899

GE Universal Remote Codes

  • 4285
  • 2635
  • 2335

Philips Universal Remote Codes

  • 0731
  • 0825

RCA Universal Remote Codes

  • 1005
  • 1082
  • 1196
  • 2014
  • 2054

How To Program Universal Remote To LG Blu-ray Player

If you are using a universal remote for the first time, follow the instructions below to easily pair a universal remote to an LG Blu-ray player.

How To Program Universal Remote To LG Blu-ray Player
Best Universal Remote for LG Blu-ray

If the direct code entry method fails to program the remote, you can try these steps of programming a universal remote without codes.


Can my LG remote control my Blu Ray player?

No, your LG remote cannot control your Blu-ray player, and the reason is compatibility. Not all remotes have the ability to control multiple devices at a time for that, you need a universal remote.

How can I control my LG Blu-Ray player without a remote?

If due to any reason, the LG Blu-ray player has stopped working, you can control it with the buttons on the panel. However, you will be able to perform some basic functions like the Power on/off button, the Eject button, and the Play/Pause button.

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Final Words

Here I have shared share the LG Blu-ray remote programming codes. I have compiled a complete list of codes that will help you in remote programming. You can program any universal remote in a snap if you have universal remote codes for the LG Blu-ray player. I have done the hard work of searching for you and shared the 3 and 4-digit codes of remotes that work with LG Blu-ray players. I have tested a few codes with Philips, RCA, and GE remotes, and it worked like a charm. Let us know if you have any questions.

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