Oppo Blu Ray Universal Remote Codes List & Program Guide [2024]

In this article, I’ve compiled an Oppo blu ray universal remote codes list that work in 2024 and step-by-step instructions to program the remote.

It is frustrating when your Oppo Blu Ray remote stops working and you have to press the physical buttons on the device to play/pause or stop. I have been through this and know how painful it is.

But don’t worry, we’ve got a game-changing solution that will get you back in control of your movie nights. Get a universal remote to enjoy the magic of seamless entertainment with your Oppo Blu-ray player.

Oppo Blu Ray Universal Remote Programming Codes

Here is the list of codes you will need to program a universal remote to your 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player. Let us know which code worked for you.

Oppo Blu Ray Universal Remote Codes

4 Digit Universal Remote Codes

  • 0575, 1525, 0503, 0695, 1154, 1503, 0503, 1045, 1769

5 Digit Remote Codes For Blu-ray Player

  • 20575, 20695, 21503, 21769, 21045, 21525, 20503, 21154

The best thing is you can use the same remote to control your other entertainment devices.

How To Program Universal Remote To Oppo Blu-Ray Device

How To Program Universal Remote To Oppo Blu-Ray Device
  • Turn ON your Oppo blu ray device.
  • Point your universal remote to the Blu-ray device.
  • Based on the type of remote you have, hold the Setup or Code Search button for 5 seconds.
  • Release that button and then immediately press and release the DVD/Blu-ray button on the remote.
  • Next, enter the 4 or 5-digit universal remote code that we shared above.
  • Now, test the functions of the remote control.

If it is not working, you need to re-program the remote with a different code.

Pairing Universal Remote With Code Search

This method is for those who are unable to pair the remote to an Oppo blu ray player with codes. Let’s see how you program the universal without codes:

  • The first 4 steps will be the same as mentioned above.
  • After that, press and release the Power button of the remote after every 3 seconds.
  • Repeat this step until your device turns OFF. This indicates that your remote has been programmed.

This method will consume a little extra time, but you will be able to program the remote successfully.

Universal remotes that work best with Oppo blu-ray players are One for All, Blackweb, and General Electric universal remote.

Final Words

With the right Oppo Blu ray universal remote codes, you can easily sync your Oppo Blu-ray player to a remote. I hope you are going to like the information posted on this page. Don’t forget to share your feedback and help us to improve the content. If you need any help, post your issues in the comments section.

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