Philips Soundbar Universal Remote Codes & Programming

Do you want to control your Philips soundbar with a Universal remote? The Philips soundbar universal remote codes will make things easier for you.

If you use the correct code and follow the right method, you can easily control your Philips audio system with a universal remote, SAT remote, or cable remote. You can even use the auto search method to use the remote codes. In this method, the remote scans all the codes stored in the remote database, one at a time, to find the exact code for the programming of your remote. We tried the given codes on the RCA remote and Magnavox universal remote and they worked like a charm.

Universal Remote Codes For Philips Soundbar

Here is a tested and working list of Philips universal remote codes for the soundbar.

4 Digit Remote Codes for Philips Soundbar

  • 0729
  • 1798
  • 1805
  • 0296
  • 1216
  • 1296
  • 1116
  • 1316
  • 0216
  • 0177
  • 0083
  • 0983
  • 0084
  • 0184
  • 0277
  • 0377

5 Digit Remote Codes for Philips Soundbar

  • 32459
  • 32311
  • 30189
  • 20081
  • 31266
  • 20035
  • 20618
  • 20739
  • 11454
  • 10054
  • 10037
  • 10690
  • 11483

Cox Remote Codes for Philips Soundbar – 2675, 3282

Magnavox Remote Codes for Philips Soundbar – 0177, 0083, 0983, 0084, 0184, 0277, 0377

RCA Universal Remote Codes for Philips Soundbar – 20739, 20035, 20081, 20618

Pick your desired code and apply it for establishing a connection between the Philips soundbar and the remote control.

These remote codes are compatible with the following Philips soundbar with a wireless subwoofer:

  • TAPB603/37
  • HTL3310/37
  • HTL3320/37
  • B8405 2.1
  • B5106 2.0
  • B5306 2.1
  • B8905
  • B7305
  • B5105
  • B5305
  • CSS2133B
  • And many other models.

How To Program Universal Remote To Soundbar With Codes

  • Turn ON your Philips soundbar.
  • Point the remote towards it and hold the ‘Setup/Code Search’ button for 3-5 seconds.
  • Release the button when the little light on the remote turns ON.
  • Press and release the ‘Aux’ button.
  • Choose the universal code from the list above and press the numeric keys to enter it.
  • If the code is correct the remote light will turn OFF. Entering the incorrect code will make the light blink multiple times and then stay ON.
  • Now press the power or volume button to test remote functions

This is how you can easily connect your Philips universal remote to a soundbar of Philips or any other brand. If the direct code entry method didn’t work for you then you must try to pair your Philips soundbar to a universal remote without codes.

FAQs Philips Soundbar Remote

Why Philips soundbar remote is not working?

Philips soundbar remote stops working due to any fault or expired batteries. First, you must replace the old batteries with the new ones, if the remote doesn’t work then you need to get a new remote.

What is the code for my soundbar?

The remote code for every sound bar is different, we have listed Philips soundbar codes above. If you have a Vizio soundbar or Samsung soundbar you must check your remote’s manual for its codes.

How do I control my Philips soundbar with my TV remote?

Not all remote controls are compatible with the Philips soundbar. For best results, you can use a Philips replacement TV remote or GE universal remote control.

How can I turn my Philips soundbar on without a remote?

There is a power button on the top of the Philips soundbar. Press that button to switch on your device. You can also control the volume from the vol+ and vol- buttons.

Final Words

Philips soundbar and wireless subwoofer take your music and movie-watching experience to the next level. You can control every function of the soundbar with the help of a remote. But if your remote becomes dead then you can use a universal remote. We hope our list of universal remote codes will help you pair your remote to Philips Soundbar. Ensure to use the correct codes and follow the complete procedure so that you can use your remote for all the functions. If the codes mentioned in our guide do not work for your remote, let us know in the comments below. Mention your remote model and the model of your Philips speakers so we may find the correct code for you.

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