How to Program Chunghop Universal Remote [Quick Ways]

You have to set up Chunghop remote to make it fully functional with your TV. Here you will find the instructions to program Chunghop universal remote.

The Chunghop universal remote can be easily configured to control functions of Samsung, LG, Dell, Sanken, Polytron TV, Philips TV, Haier, Panasonic TV, and others. There are over 3500+ TV brand codes stored in the remote’s database and you can connect up to 5 devices at a time with this remote. To set up Chunghop remote to a TV or an audio device you will need a working 3 digit code.

If you don’t have a list of codes, then you have to go through a process that is a bit complicated. Follow the link to get the list of Chunghop universal remote codes list.

How to Program Chunghop Universal Remote [Quick Ways]

There are three ways to set up a Chunghop remote control for a TV.

  1. Pair Chunghop remote via direct code entry
  2. Pair Chunghop remote via brand code entry
  3. Pair Chunghop remote automatically

Below we are going to discuss each method one by one in detail. The steps to program the Chunghop remote are different from pairing GE universal remote to TV, so follow the guide carefully.

METHOD 1: Set Up Chunghop Universal Remote with Codes

  1. Switch ON your TV.
  2. Insert a fresh pair of batteries in the Chunghop remote.
  3. Direct the remote towards your TV. Make sure there is no object blocking the signals.
  4. Next, hold the “SET” button on the remote and wait till the remote’s light turns ON.
  5. At this point, enter the universal code using the number buttons.
  6. Upon entering the correct code the remote light will turn OFF. You can now test the different functions of the remote.

METHOD 2: Set Up Chunghop Universal Remote with Brand Code

  1. Turn ON your television.
  2. Install batteries in the remote control.
  3. Point the remote towards the TV and simultaneously hold the “SET” and “TV” buttons on the remote. This will illuminate the remote’s light.
  4. Press and release the “Volume +” button on the remote.
  5. Repeat “Step 4” until you see the volume bar on the TV screen. When the volume bar appears, stop pressing the button.
  6. Press the “SET” button again and your remote has been programmed.

METHOD 3: Automatically Program Chunghop Universal Remote without Codes

  1. Install the batteries in the Chunghop universal remote.
  2. Switch ON your television.
  3. Point the remote towards the TV and hold the “SET” button.
  4. Keep holding the SET button until you see Volume Bar on the TV screen.
  5. Immediately release the button when you see the Volume Bar on the screen.
  6. Test the functions of the remote by pressing the power, channel, and volume buttons.

You can follow the above-given methods to program Chunghop E202, E885, RM-366, RM-133E, RM-377, and RM-399C universal remotes.

Final Words

We hope after following the above-given methods you will be able to easily program Chunghop universal remote control. Method 1 is quick but is only for those who have a code list. If you don’t have the universal codes list then you can follow method 2 or method 3. The last method in which you can automatically program the remote is very time-consuming because in this the remote scans all codes one by one and applies that perfectly with the device. If you face any problem in connecting the remote to the TV, you can report the issue in the comments section.


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  1. Hi Martha,
    I’m looking for a list of the codes stored in the remote’s database (command set), which relate to the functionally operation of the buttons for a manufacturer, rather than manufacturer code for the grouping of the functionally operation into a command sets. Do you have any idea where I could find such information?
    I’m thinking of starting a project for a family member, who has difficulties using the small buttons on universal remote.

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