How to Program Cybertec Universal Remote With & Without Codes

Have codes but don’t know how to program Cybertec universal remote? Check this detailed guide to pair Cybertec remote with and without codes.

Earlier we shared universal remote codes for Cybertec remote. But these codes are useless if you don’t know how to set up a Cybertec remote. In this post, we will share a different method following which you can easily program your Cybertec universal remote to the TV, DVD, streaming devices, soundbars, and more. To get more programming guides and universal remote codes, keep following the Remote Codes Portal. Must check out the Cybertec universal remote codes list 2022.

How to Program Cybertec Universal Remote

There are multiple ways to set up a Cybertec Q-X33E or RM-I1107 universal remote. You can do it with a direct code entry method or automatically program the remote using the auto code search feature to pair it to the desired device. We will cover all possible methods below.

Program Cybertec RM-L1107+3 Universal Remote with Codes

Like GE universal remote, Cybertec is easy to set up. Here is how you can pair a universal remote with codes. Follow the instructions exactly in the order they are given to make your remote work perfectly:

  1. Install a fresh pair of AAA batteries in the Cybertec universal remote.
  2. Switch ON your television and aim the remote towards it.
  3. Simultaneously hold the “SET” and “POWER” buttons till the remote light turns ON. It usually takes 3 seconds and enables the remote’s programming mode.
  4. Now, enter the three-digit code using the number buttons.
  5. The remote light will turn OFF if the code you entered is correct. This means you have successfully paired the remote.

Manually Pairing Cybertec RM-L1107+3 Universal Remote without Codes

  1. Turn ON your TV by pressing the POWER button.
  2. Point the remote towards your TV set.
  3. Hold the “SET” and “Power” buttons till the light on the remote starts glowing. When it does, release the button.
  4. Press and release the “Volume +” button, and you will notice the remote light will blink one time.
  5. Repeat step 3 until you see the volume increase symbol on your TV screen.
  6. When the volume symbol appears on your TV screen, stop pressing the “Volume +” key and start testing different functions of the remote control.

Automatically Programming Cybertec RM-L1107+3 Remote

  1. Switch ON your television manually by pressing the Power button.
  2. Aim the remote towards the TV.
  3. Press and hold the “SET” button till the remote light turns ON.
  4. Now, keep an eye on the TV and wait for the volume symbol to appear on the screen.
  5. Once the volume increase bar appears, your remote is programmed successfully.

You can test the functions of the remote by pressing different keys.

How to Program Cybertec Q-X33E Universal Remote with Codes

  1. Install AAA batteries in the remote control.
  2. Turn ON your television and aim the remote towards it.
  3. Hold the “SET” button for 3 seconds and the remote light will illuminate.
  4. Enter the code using the remote’s number buttons. If the code is correct, the remote light will turn OFF.

Now you can press different buttons on the remote to test its functions.

Pair Cybertec Q-X33E Universal Remote without Codes

  1. Switch ON your TV manually.
  2. Direct the Cybertec remote towards your television.
  3. Hold the “SET” button until your remote LED lights up.
  4. Press and release the “Volume +” button. Keep doing so until you see the volume increase symbol on the screen. This indicates you have programmed the remote with the TV.

Final Words

We have covered all the possible ways to program Cybertec universal remote. All these methods are 100% working and you can follow any one of them as per your will. Make sure you follow the steps as per your remote’s model. You can pair the Cybertec remote with Sony, LG, Samsung, Vizio, Sharp, and many other famous and non-famous brands. In case of any trouble, you can post your issue in the comment box.


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