How To Program DirecTV Remote To Vizio TV

A DirectTV remote can be used as a universal remote to control newer and older Vizio TVs and also televisions from many other brands.

You must program DirectTV remote to your Vizio TV to enable this capability. We will guide you on how you can effortlessly pair your remote to the TV.

To program the Directv remote to Vizio TV, turn off your top-box, slide the remote switch to TV, Hold the Mute and Select button for 5 seconds. Now Enter the programming code and your remote will be paired.

Steps To Program DirecTV Remote To Vizio TV

Below is the step-by-step guide to setting up a Direct TV remote for Vizio smart TV and old TVs. Let’s get straight into it!

1. Switch OFF your DirecTV set-top box by pressing the ‘Power’ button at the back.

2. Change the remote’s programming switch from DirectTV to TV.

Switching DirecTV Remote to TV Mode

3. Now, simultaneously hold down the ‘Mute’ and ‘Select’ buttons until you see the remote’s light blink twice. This means your remote is in programming mode now.

Select and Mute Key DirecTV Remote
Holding select and mute key on DirecTV remote

4. At this point, you need to enter the Vizio universal code 11758 or 11756. The remote’s light will flash twice again, meaning the code has been accepted.

DirecTV remote light flashing

5. It is time to test remote functions. Press the ‘Power’ button to switch ON your TV and then press other keys like Channel and Volume to check if they work properly.

If you have trouble following the steps, watch the video below to pair your remote to Vizio Tv.

That’s it! You have successfully programmed your Vizio smart TV to DirectTV remote with codes. Soon we will also share a method to pair DirecTV remote control to tv without codes.

You can use the same process to program the DirecTV remote to Samsung TV. However, the pairing codes will be different.

Program DirecTV Remote To Older Vizio TV

The method to pair the DirecTV remote to an older Vizio TV model is a bit different. For this, you need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Switch your remote from DirecTV to TV.
  2. Power ON your television.
  3. Hold the ‘Mute’ and ‘Select’ buttons simultaneously and wait until the remote LED light flashes twice.
  4. Now, enter a code 9-1-1 or 9-6-0, and after 1-2 seconds, press 1.
  5. Start pressing Channel Up or Channel Down button.
  6. Keep on pressing the button until your TV switches OFF.

When the TV turns OFF, it means your remote has been programmed. Press the Power button on the remote to switch ON your Vizio and start testing remote functions.

The guides shared above are not suitable for the Vizio soundbar.

What are the DirecTV codes for a Vizio TV?

The DirectTV remote codes for Vizio TV are 11758, 11756, 10178, and 10117. These are the latest DirecTV 5-digit remote codes that work with Vizio TV.

Can Vizio TV work with the DirecTV remote?

Yes, most of the DirecTV remotes are compatible with Vizio TV models. However, there are also a few that don’t work with the latest Vizio Smart TV. If the DirecTV remote doesn’t work with your TV, you can use a GE universal remote or any other remote control to control your device.

Final Words

The Vizio TV remote stopped working! This is one of the most common issues television users face. But there is nothing to worry about because you can use a universal or DirectTV remote to access Vizio smart TV functions. YES, You read it right!

This is one of the easiest guides that you can follow to program DirecTV remote to Vizio smart TV. With the given methods you can effortlessly pair your remote to the latest Vizio smart TV or the older models. Just follow the steps mentioned in the guide correctly.

Each Vizio TV model has a different pairing code, so we have shared multiple codes, if one doesn’t work you can try the second. If you find any new code or method to connect DirectTV remote to the TV, feel free to share it with us. In case of any problem in programming, write us in the comments section.

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