How To Program GE Universal Remote To Sanyo TV [5 Steps]


Today we are sharing the exact same steps that I tried to program GE universal remote to Sanyo TV in less than a minute.

We noticed on different forums like Reddit, Quora, tom’s hardware, etc., a lot of people are having issues with their Sanyo TV remote. If you are among them, you must be looking for a solution that works. First, we suggest you reset your Sanyo TV and remote. If the issue persists, get the best universal remote for Sanyo TV.

After research and testing, we recommend GE universal remote. It is compatible with all Sanyo LED TVs, Smart TVs, Roku TV, soundbars, and Blu-ray players. General Electronic universal remote enables you to control all the mentioned devices with one remote. So, get either 6 in 1 or 8-in-1 GE universal remote.

How to Program GE Universal Remote to Sanyo TV [5 Easy Steps]

How To Program GE Universal Remote To Sanyo TV Working Steps

Below is the list of GE universal remote codes for Sanyo TV. You will need these codes to program the remote to your TV.

3 Digit Codes

  • 097, 049, 110, 081, 004, 268, 012, 108, 180, 013, 209

4 Digit Codes

  • 0004, 0097, 0110, 0081, 0268, 0012, 0108, 0180, 0049, 1051, 1161, 1261, 1531, 1581, 1911, 2871, 2881, 3481, 5001, 5241, 5261, 5032, 5118, 5138, 5151, 5022, 5029, 5034, 5038, 5052, 5055, 5089, 5191, 5224, 5233, 5234, 5407, 5412, 5139, 5430, 5001, 5014, 5018, 

GE CL 3 Remote Codes

  • 2981, 2891, 1741, 2991, 3051, 5251, 2871, 5241, 5261, 0001, 0801, 1051, 1161, 1261, 1531, 1581, 1911, 2881, 3481, 5001. Check the GE universal remote CL3 codes full list.

GE CL 4 Remote Codes

GE CL 5 Remote Codes

How To Program GE Universal Remote To Sanyo TV

Pairing GE universal remote to Sanyo TV is very easy. Below is a quick guide for establishing a connection between two devices:

  • Install fresh pair of batteries in the remote.
  • Switch on your Sanyo TV.
  • Hold the SETUP button on the GE remote until you see the light on the remote lit up.
  • Release the button and now press the TV one time.
  • Enter one of the codes given above and test the remote functions.

If the remote is not working, retry the given steps and enter a different code this time. If you want to try a different pairing method, try the auto program method, and check how to program GE universal remote without codes.

How To Program Universal Remote To Sanyo TV

Final Words

With our stated guide, you will be able to program GE universal remote to Sanyo TV easily. Above, we have shared all the resources and guidelines to help you. We advise you to choose the codes according to your remote model. You can manually connect the remote to the TV or use an auto-code search method. Let us know if you face any issues in pairing the remote, and we will guide you in the best way. 


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