How To Program Magnavox Universal Remote With & Without Code

Direct code entry and auto code search are the best methods to program Magnavox universal remote MC 345 and 348 to TV and audio devices.

Magnavox offers powerful and one of the best universal remote controls that are easy to use and can be easily programmed to over 5000 devices of different brands. There are two variants of the remote one is MC345 4-in-1, and seconds is MC348 8-in-1. The first variant can be paired with 4 devices at a time and later can be used to control 8 devices at a time.

To program each version, you will need 4-digit universal remote codes to pair it with a TV, sound bar, streaming player, DVD, home theater, or any other multimedia device. Here on this page, you will learn how to program the Magnavox remote control to the desired device. You will need this Magnavox universal remote codes list for programming the remote to any device.

How To Program Magnavox Universal Remote With & Without Code

Below are step-by-step instructions for pairing the Magnavox MC345 and MC348 universal remotes. We will share programming information for both the remote variants and discuss all the methods that can be used to configure a remote.

Program Magnavox Universal Remote with Codes – MC345 and MC348

Magnavox Universal Remote MC345

Follow the below-given steps carefully to program the universal remote of Magnavox to any home entertainment device:

  1. Open remote’s back compartment and insert 2 AAA batteries
  2. Switch ON the device (TV, Sound bar, Home Theater) which you wish to program.
  3. Remove all the obstructions between the remote and the device, and direct the remote towards the device.
  4. Press and hold the “Code Search/SET” button on the remote.
  5. Release the “Code Search/SET” button when the small LED light on the remote turns ON.
  6. Press and release the remote’s device button. We assume you are pairing television, so press the “TV” button on the remote.
  7. Now, choose the code from the Magnavox user manual or from the codes list we shared and type it by pressing the numeric keypad.
  8. Upon entering a correct 4-digit code, the remote’s illuminating light will turn OFF.

If the entered code is not correct, the remote light will blink multiple times and stay ON. If this happens, you need to repeat the procedure again and enter a different code.

Automatically Program Magnavox Universal Remote without Codes – MC345 and MC348

Magnavox Universal Remote MC348

This method is a bit time-consuming but works like a charm. It scans the entire list of codes stored in the remote’s database to find the best code for your device. Let’s jump onto the steps to configure Magnavox remote:

  1. Insert a pair of AAA batteries in the remote.
  2. Switch ON the device manually. We are taking the example of television.
  3. Point the Magnavox remote control toward the TV.
  4. Press and hold the “Code Search/SET” button, and wait until the remote light illuminates. Release the button.
  5. Now, press the device button on the remote. Here we pressed the “TV” button.
  6. Next, press and release the “Power” button and wait till the remote light stops blinking.
  7. Repeat step-6 until your television set switches OFF. Switching “OFF” of the device means that the remote has been programmed successfully.
  8. When the TV turns OFF, press the “Enter” button on the remote within 3 seconds to save the code.
  9. It is time to test the functionality of the remote. Press different buttons i.e., power, and volume, channel changing, to check whether everything is working fine or not.

If all the functions are working properly, you are good to go. And if there is any issue, you need to reprogram the remote control.

FAQs Magnavox Remote Control

Are magnavox universal remote good?

Yes, Magnavox offers one of the best universal remotes. Its remotes are compatible with over 5000 brands of video and audio devices.

What devices are compatible with Magnavox remote?

The universal remote of Magnavox is compatible with television, plasma tv, smart tv, DVD, vcr, blu-ray, roku, amazon fire stick, apple tv, and many more.

What are the codes for a Magnavox universal remote?

Magnavox universal remote work with 4-digit codes. These are some 100% working universal codes: 0110, 0102, 0101, 0108, 0105, 0128, 0103.

How do I use the code search on my Magnavox universal remote?

In MC345, the “Code Search” button is used to program the universal remote. You need to press and hold the “Code Search” button until the light on the remote turns ON. Release the button and press the device button on the remote to begin programming. MC348 does not have a code search button, in this remote variant, you need to press the “SET” button.

How to reset Magnavox remote control?

If your Magnavox remote is not working, you can fix it by replacing the batteries or performing a reset. To reset, remove the batteries from the remote and press and hold any button of the remote to fully discharge its battery. Leave the remote for 15 minutes. Insert the batteries and program it again to make it functional.

Final Words

Magnavox universal remote controls are easy to program and use. With the above-mentioned guide and steps, you can smoothly program Magnavox MC 345 and Magnavox 348 remote to any video, audio, and gaming device. With these remotes, you can control up to 8 different devices of different brands at a time. If you have the right codes for your device, then follow the direct code entry method and without code pairing, try the auto-search method. If you still face any hurdles in programming, don’t hesitate to post your issue in the comments box. Our team is always ready to help.



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