RCA Universal Remote Codes For Vizio TV & Programming 2023

Get the latest list of 100% working RCA universal remote codes for Vizio TV and effortlessly pair the remote control with your television.

Many people prefer the RCA universal remote over other remotes because of its easy setup and the vast number of devices it can control. You can program RCA universal remote to control your Vizio TV and any soundbar. To fully utilize your RCA remote control with your Vizio TV, you need to pair it with the help of codes.

You will find the remote codes in the instruction manual with your remote. If you have lost it, don’t worry. For you, we have curated a list of codes for Vizio devices. We tested some of these codes and assured you they work fine.

RCA Universal Remote Codes For Vizio TV & Programming 2023

Below are the RCA universal remotes codes for Vizio TV, LED, LCD, 4k, and Smart TV.

2 Digit Codes

  • 01, 12, 02, 19, 17, 10

3 Digit Codes

  • 011, 079, 627, 113, 502, 004, 505

4 Digit codes

  • 1224, 1204, 1207, 1783, 3145, 0030, 1004, 1292, 1756, 1017, 0056, 0178, 0128, 0891, 0205, 0117, 0912, 1078, 1758, 1758, 0864, 2757, 2512, 0885, 3758, 2707, 1756, 1499, 3415

5 Digit codes

  • 11758, 10117, 10864, 01377, 10178, 11756, 10120, 10885, 12512, 12757, 13758, 12707, 13415, 12247

These codes are compatible with the following RCA remotes:

  • RCU300T, RCU404, RCR412B, RCR3273/3373, RCR804BR, RCRH02BR, RCRN08GR, RCRPS02GR

How do you program an RCA universal remote to a Vizio TV?

Programming RCA universal remote to Vizio TV is easy if you have its code list. Those who don’t have remote codes can still pair the remote using an auto code search method. Find more about it in this post, how to program the RCA remote to Vizio TV.

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Does RCA remote work with Vizio?

Yes, RCA universal remotes work fine with many new and older Vizio TVs. All you need is a correct remote code to get the remote to work with your specific TV model. We have already shared the list of codes above, and you can utilize it for pairing the remote to Vizio smart TV.

Will a universal remote work with a Vizio TV?

Yes, many universal remotes of many brands are compatible with Vizio TV. As per our experience, the RCA remote is your best bet. You can also try GE universal remote or Philips remote. However, they are not compatible with all Vizio TV models.

Final Words

We hope the list of RCA universal remote codes for Vizio TV that we shared in this post will be helpful for you. And by following these steps, you can successfully set up your RCA universal remote with a Vizio device. If you have any trouble or need assistance, feel free to reach us using our contact form or by posting a comment below.


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