How To Reset Magnavox Universal Remote? [5 Easy Steps]

Today, we are sharing step-by-step instructions to factory reset Magnavox universal remote. Doing so will fix your remote not responding problem.

If your Magnavox remote is malfunctioning or unresponsive, you can do a reset. A reset removes all the previously programmed devices from your remote and refreshes its settings. After resetting, you can re-program your Magnavox universal remote via the direct code or code search method and start controlling your device again. I tested this method, and assure you it is 100% working. After resetting your remote, you will need Magnavox universal remote codes and a guide to program Magnavox universal remote.

How To Factory Reset Magnavox Remote?

Here are the easy steps to factory reset the Magnavox Universal Remote:

  • Remove the battery from the battery compartment of your remote.
  • Press and hold the power button on your Magnavox universal remote for 10 seconds.
  • Press and shake all buttons of the remote.
  • Let the remote rest for 15 minutes
  • Install the batteries again and start using the remote.

Remember that when you reset your Magnavox TV remote, it removes all the previous programming on it.

Troubleshooting Magnavox Remote

If your Magnavox TV remote is not working, you can follow these tested techniques to fix a Magnavox tv remote:

  • Remove the batteries and clean the battery terminals and insert batteries again.
  • Uninstall the batteries and press each button of the remote one by one with a bit of force. This will remove any dirt and debris stuck in the buttons.
  • Expired batteries also make the remote stop working, install a fresh pair of AAA batteries and then use the remote.
  • You may not have programmed your remote correctly. Re-program the remote, and it will start working.

Why won’t my Magnavox universal remote work?

Magnavox universal remote will not work due to low or damaged batteries, the remote not pointing directly to the device, electronics signal problem, malfunctioning in the operating system of the remote, or something blocking the remote sensor.

How to re-program Magnavox remote?

You can re-program the Magnavox remote to TV using the direct code method or code search method. To erase the previous programming on your Magnavox universal remote, you need to perform a reset and then do the programming again.

Final Words

Magnavox Universal Remote is an ideal controller to program all your entertainment devices like TV, cable box, VCR, home theatre, and DVD with one remote control. Magnavox universal remote is easy to program and is compatible with over 1000+ brands.

Magnavox universal remotes are the perfect replacement for device-specific remotes. If you use the direct code method to program your remote to the entertainment device, ensure that you use the correct code. Otherwise, your Magnavox universal remote and your TV or entertainment device will not sync.

When you perform the remote reset, it will erase all the previous programs on your remote. After the reset, you will need to set the programming again. We hope our quick guide will help you reset and program the Magnavox universal remote.

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