About Us

Who Am I?

I’m Martha, an experienced professional with a background in the electronics and home appliances industry. With over 5 years of working experience in the electronics industry, I became fascinated by universal remotes and started learning about them in depth.

Through my research and practical experience, I gained extensive knowledge about the best universal remotes for different entertainment devices. Driven by my passion for helping others, I decided to share my expertise with the community by creating a Remote Codes Portal. I strive to provide reliable and up-to-date information in a user-friendly manner to assist users in optimizing their home entertainment setups.

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What Is Remote Codes Portal?

https://remotecodesportal.com/ is all about sharing information about universal remotes, universal remote codes, and a guide to programming a universal remote control. We also provide the best quality and unbiased reviews of universal remote controls. We practically test each function of the remote and then write a review, guide, and comparison between other products as well.

Our Mission

Our mission is to guide you to make your universal remote work with TV, DVD, Soundbar, Blu-ray, streaming players, satellite boxes, and more. We have a dedicated team that is responsible for testing universal remotes with different brands of media devices. After successful testing, we convert our research in a form of a helpful guide for users.

Our remote recommendation process also involves deep research and testing. One of our friends owns an electronic shop that also deals with genuine remotes and universal remote controls. So, we borrow remotes from him and test them on TVs, Smart TVs, Roku TVs, Amazon Fire Stick, DVD players, and other devices. Apart from our research we also take customer feedback available on the web before writing a detailed review of the remote control. So, everything you find on RemoteCodesPortal.Com will be authentic and reliable.

In case you want to give any suggestions or want to work with us to grow your business remotecodesportal.com is always ready for that. We helped more than 20+ companies to grow their audience and sales as well. reach us through the contact us page.