GE Universal Remote Codes For Sanyo TV & Setup [2024]

If you are searching for the list of working GE universal remote codes for Sanyo TV, look no further and use these 4 digit codes to pair the remote.

Sanyo offers simple LCD/LED TVs and Smart TVs with Android and Roku OS. Overall it is one of the most trusted brands. However, sometimes its remote control acts abnormally, which can be due to any reason.

In this case, you can reset the Sanyo remote, and if it still doesn’t work, you need to get the best universal remote for Sanyo TV. After a little research, I found people have shared codes that no longer work and that’s why I decided to compile a list of new working codes.

General Electric Universal Remote Codes For Sanyo TV

Here is the complete list of general electric universal remote codes for Sanyo TV. Open the back compartment of the remote and check the remote model before proceeding.

GE CL3 Remote 4 Digit Codes List

  • 5261, 5251, 2981, 2991, 3051, 0001, 0801, 1051, 1161, 1261, 1531, 1581, 1911, 2871, 2881, 3481, 5001, 5241

GE CL3/CL4/CL5 Remote Codes List

  • 1161, 5261, 2891, 5251

3 Digit GE Remote Codes

  • 097, 049, 110, 081, 004, 268, 012, 108, 180, 013, 209

After researching and performing a few experiments, I recommend GE 8 device universal remote. It is much more efficient than the original Sanyo TV remote. It saves you from shuffling remote controls and empowers you to control all your devices with one remote.

Programmig GE Remote To Sanyo TV

I have shared the GE remote programming codes to help you pair quickly. For pairing, you can follow the guides below:

  • Grab the GE remote and hold the SETUP button, release the button when the remote light turns ON.
  • Press and release the TV button on the remote within 3 seconds.
  • Power ON your Sanyo TV manually.
  • Press the numeric keys on the remote to enter programming code.
  • Test remote functions to ensure it is working properly.
  • If the remote is working partially or not working, repeat the process and program it with a different code.

Click Here To Learn Programming GE Remote To Sanyo TV Without Codes

Final Thoughts

Sanyo is one of the people’s favorite brands in America. As per the latest figure, over 40 million people in the United States use Sanyo TV. I have shared the GE remote codes list that work with all Sanyo TV models. You can use them and the programming guide to connect your TV to remote. Let us know if you face any problems in using the codes or pairing the devices.

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