Codes To Program Universal Remote To Element TV

Looking for the latest universal remote codes for Element TV 2024 list? You will get exactly what you are looking for and a guide program the remote.

Programming Universal Remote Codes For Element TV

Without much ado, I am sharing the list of universal remote code of different brands below. Pick the code that matches your remote and apply it with the given guide.

GE 4 Digit Remote Codes

  • 1091, 1651, 5361, 2401, 1025, 5341, 5471, 6021, 4111, 5841, 5831, 5421, 5411, 1173

Full list of GE remote codes for TV.

RCA Remote Codes

  • 13907, 3559, 1886, 12964, 2183, 14217, 1687, 13559, 12183, 11687, 12256, 2964, 11886

RCA 3-in-1 Remote

  • 11687, 12964, 13559, 11886, 12183

Philips Remote Codes For Element Smart TV

  • 14156, 1918, 5361, 5421, 5831, 3477, 11147, 14023, 1651, 1091, 5841, 5471, 13656, 14175, 6021, 10862, 4111, 2401, 5411, 5341, 11068, 11568

Jumbo Remote Codes List

  • 238, 247, 252, 168, 121, 127, 151, 153, 154, 231, 236, 004, 2183

Comcast Xfinity Universal Remote Codes

  • 13559, 11687, 12183, 12964, 13907, 11886, 11864, 10178, 12964, 12260, 13907

Check the complete Xfinity universal remote codes list.

Westinghouse Remote Codes for TV

  • 0143, 0114, 1146, 0002

Magnavox Remote Codes

  • 0073, 0088, 0001

Cox Remote Codes List

  • 1687, 1886, 2183

Cox universal remote codes for TV.

3 Digit Codes List

  • 046, 005, 028, 043, 048, 076, 096, 155, 004, 051, 127, 151, 153, 154, 231, 236, 238, 247, 252, 168, 121

You will need a universal remote when your Element TV’s remote is not acting normally or becomes completely dead. Why universal remote? Because of its compatability with 1000+ devices and ability to control multiple devices at a time. A universal remote lets you control your TV, soundbar, streaming device, etc., without a hassle. The only thing it requires is codes. You will need a pairing code to connect the TV and the remote. Don’t worry; I have shared all the remote codes you need for programming.

How To Program Universal Remote To Element TV

Follow the below instructions to pair a universal remote to any Element TV model.

These are the exact steps we followed for programming Jumbo universal remote to the TV.

  1. First, pick the code from the list above and write it on a notepad.
  2. Add new batteries in the remote because old ones often cause issues in remote programming.
  3. Press the Power button to turn ON your Element TV.
  4. Grab the remote and hold the Code Search or Setup button until the small LED light on the remote turns ON.
  5. Press the TV button on the remote. It will put the remote in programming mode.
  6. Next, enter the remote code you wrote on the notepad.
  7. The small remote light will turn OFF. It means you have programmed the remote successfully. And if it blinks twice and stays ON, the code doesn’t match. Move on to the next step.
  8. Repeat steps 1 to 6 and use a different code this time.

If there is still an issue, you cannot connect your universal remote to Element TV.

You can use our guide to program universal remote without codes or post your problem in the comments.

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How do you reset a universal element TV remote?

To reset the element TV remote, open the back compartment and remove the batteries. Press each button of the remote multiple times to remove dirt and dust buildup from the buttons. Leave the remote for approx. 30 mins. Install a fresh pair of batteries and start using your remote.

How do I program my RCA universal remote to my Element TV?

Switch ON your TV and direct the remote towards it. Hold the TV button on the RCA remote for a few seconds. Once the remote light starts glowing, release the button and enter the code. You can also check our guide to program the RCA universal remote to the TV for more details.

Final Words

The list of Element TV universal remote codes shared in this article is current and helped many users. I hope it will be helpful for you as well. If the code of the remote brand you are using is not in the list above, you can use the automatic code search method to pair your remote to Element smart TV. You can post your feedback or query in the below comments box.

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