Universal Remote Code For Astron TV & Programming

People were asking for the universal remote code for Astron TV on different online communities. So, we decided to help them by sharing the codes.

Below we share the Astron TV universal remote codes list that I tried for remote programming and assure you they are 100% working.

Universal Remote Code For Astron TV

  • 672
  • 673
  • 075
  • 094
  • 091
  • 000
  • 0048
  • 0042
  • 0041

I hope with the above-listed codes, you will be able to program your universal remote to Astron TV easily. According to my research, the Chunghop universal remote is best for Astron TV.

It is not just because of its compatibility but also easy programming. You can also try GE universal remote, but you have to program the remote without codes.

Astron is a famous Smart TV brand in the Philippines. People prefer it because they get a TV that can run Netflix and Youtube at an affordable price. However, people are having issues with its remote control. As per our findings, the Astron TV remote not working is one of the most common problems. Without a doubt, if you are here, your Astron remote must have stopped working, and you got a universal remote as a replacement.

How To Program Universal Remote To Astron TV

Here is the step-by-step guide to programming a universal remote for Astron TV. 

  • 1. Aim your universal remote toward Astron TV
  • 2. Press and Hold the “SET” button until the small light of the remote control becomes lit.
  • 3. Next, enter the remote code using the numeric keys.
  • 4. Upon entering the correct code, the remote light will turn OFF.

If you cannot succeed with the above-given steps, follow the links below to check the guides for programming different universal remotes for Astron TV.

Why My Astron TV Remote Is Not Working?

Astron TV remote usually stops working due to a problem with its IR sensor. This issue cannot be fixed, and you must get an Astron TV universal remote. However, other small issues, like a stuck button or expired batteries, prevent the remote from working.

How To Reset Astron Remote?

To reset Astron remote to factory settings. Remove the batteries from the back compartment and hold down the POWER button of the remote for 60 seconds. Now let the remote rest for 10 minutes. Your remote will be restored to default settings. Now insert the batteries again and re-program the remote.

Final Words

Astron TVs are good, but the issues with its remote are very annoying. If you are one of the victims of the Astron remote not working, a universal remote is your best bet. People were asking for the universal remote code for Astron TV on different online communities. So, we decided to help them by sharing the codes. We have shared the latest universal remote for Astron TV to help you program the remote easily. I hope you won’t have trouble establishing a connection between the remote and your TV. You can write to us in the comments if you need any help related to codes or programming.

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