How To Program ONN Universal Remote Without Code

After testing, today we are sharing the step-by-step instructions to program ONN universal remote without code.

ONN. universal 6-device remote is a good option if your device remote is not working. It is compatible with various TV, DVD/Blu-ray players, soundbars, cable, satellite boxes, and streaming devices. Once you get your hands on the universal remote of ONN, you first need to pair it with your device. You can program ONN remote with codes, but if that method doesn’t work, try the guide given below.

How To Program ONN Universal Remote Without Code

Follow the steps given below to pair the ONN replacement remote without using codes. Without further ado, let’s get started:

  • Switch ON your device. We assume you are programming a remote to your TV.
  • Grab the ONN remote and hold the SETUP button until the remote’s red light gets lit.
connecting onn universal remote to TV
  • Press the TV button on the remote and release it. The red light will blink and remain lit.
how to program onn universal remote with auto code search
  • Direct the remote toward the TV and press the PLAY or POWER button. Repeat this step until your TV is switched OFF.
pairing 6 in 1 universal remote
  • When your TV turns OFF, immediately press the 1 button to store the applied code.

You are done with setting up your onn. remote. Now, you can switch ON your TV with a remote and test all the functions like volume, channel changing, tuning, etc.

Programming ONN 6 in 1 Universal Remote Without Using Code

Pairing ONN 6 in 1 remote to TV without entering code is slightly different from the method share above.

Here is a guide you need to follow for quick pairing:

  • Power ON your TV manually.
  • Grab your ONN remote and hold the Program button until the light on remote’s Power button get lit.
  • Press and release TV button on the remote. Here we are assuming you are connecting the remote to television.
  • Now, keep holding the OK button until your TV switches OFF.
  • Release the button when the TV turns OFF and test the remote functions.

Troubleshooting ONN Universal Remote

If you are failed to program your ONN remote with the TV, you must try following:

  • Install new batteries
  • Clear obstructions between TV and remote
  • Clean battery compartment
  • Reset your ONN remote

Let us know if you need more help.

You can check out the ONN 6 in 1 universal remote code list or our list of the GE universal remote codes for Onn. TV.

Why Onn. universal remote is not working?

If your ONN. remote is not working, you must check its batteries first. If the batteries are new, you might be using is incorrect code or the wrong method to program your ONN. universal remote.

Final Words

Onn. universal remote is the best option to go for when your ONN. device remote stops working. You have other options, too, like controlling your TV using a universal remote mobile app, but it is a temporary solution. Onn 6 in 1 remote works similarly to your device’s original remote. We have shared a working method to program Onn. universal remote without code. Follow the same steps, and you are good to go. If you are facing any issues with the given steps, write to us, and we will help you.


  1. I’m having a problem setting up my 6in one remote to my Samsung HW-K450

    1. What are the steps you are following?

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