RCA Soundbar Universal Remote Codes List [2024]

In this post, I have compiled a working list of RCA soundbar universal remote codes 2024 that will make pairing easy for you.

RCA soundbar is easy to set up, and you can use a remote for controlling the volume and its other settings. However, the issue arises when the RCA remote stop working. But that’s not something you should be worried. All RCA sound bars are compatible with universal remotes, and you can replace the original remote with a replacement remote.

As a quick fix you can download RCA sound bar remote app on your smartphone and control the device using your phone.

Universal Remote Codes For RCA Soundbar

You need to program a universal remote properly for making it work with the RCA soundbar.

And for this purpose, you will need 5-digit universal remote codes and I have shared the new list here:

  • 31254, 33969, 30360, 31963, 20060, 33297, 31609, 20807, 20042, 31390, 31023, 30823, 31609, 21060, 21035, 33295, 31203, 21069, 20149, 31459, 33091, 32041, 31963, 20035, 32065, 30531, 33363, 21041, 32426

You may also like to check the full list of RCA universal remote codes and guide to reset RCA universal remote.

How To Program A Universal Remote To RCA Sound Bar

  • Switch ON your soundbar. Make sure other devices like TV and Blu-ray are OFF.
  • Hold the “Device” button on the remote for approx. 5 seconds or till the small LED light on the remote turns ON.
  • Step 2 will put your remote control into programming mode. At this stage, you need to enter the RCA universal remote code for a soundbar.
  • Upon entering the correct code your remote light turns OFF. Next, press the power button to check whether the device Turns OFF or not.

If it does, congrats! You have paired your remote to the RCA soundbar successfully and if it doesn’t repeat the same process with a different code. You can also check how to program an RCA universal remote to the soundbar.

Pairing Comcast Remote to RCA Soundbar

  • Press the Power button to switch ON your RCA soundbar.
  • Press and release the AUX key on the Comcast remote.
  • Now hold the SETUP key on the remote till the light blinks thrice.
  • Release the button and enter 9913. It is a Comcast remote code for the RCA soundbar.
  • After entering the code you will notice AUX key light flash twice.
  • Hold the POWER key on the remote and start pressing Channel + button. Keep pressing the channel button until the device turns OFF
  • When the device is powered off, immediately press and release the SETUP key on the remote to store the code.

How do I program my RCA universal remote to my soundbar?

  • Turn ON your TV and soundbar.
  • Direct the RCA universal remote at the soundbar.
  • Hold the SETUP button and wait till the light starts glowing. Release the SETUP button and press the AUX button once.
  • Now, start pressing the VOL+ button till the soundbar turns OFF.
  • When the soundbar turns OFF, press the AUX button again to store the code.

To ensure the RCA remote is working correctly, test your remote by pressing the Volume keys and Power keys on the remote.

RCA sound bar remote not working?

A common reason for the RCA soundbar remote not working is the expired batteries. Replacing them will fix the problem. If not, then clean the battery terminal and remove dust from the remote buttons.

Final Words

RCA is one of the popular home electronics brands in the United States and Europe. They are also among the first companies to introduce a universal remote control for their TVs, soundbar, and home theatre. All RCA soundbars are a great addition to the company’s home entertainment collection.

To put the nut in a shell pairing the remote is easy when you have universal remote codes for the RCA soundbar. Another benefit of having a universal remote is, that you can control multiple devices like your tv, soundbar, and streaming player with a single remote. A DirectTV and Comcast remotes are also compatible with the RCA soundbar, you can use that as well. Hope you will find this post helpful if have any questions write us in the comments.

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