How To Program DirecTV Remote To Samsung TV [2 Methods]

Programming Directv remote to Samsung TV is easy. Slide the remote switch to the TV and hold the Mute + Select key for 5 seconds. Enter the Directv code for Samsung, which is 54000. That’s it your remote is paired.

A Directv remote streamlines the process of controlling more than one device with its universal nature. It can easily control up to four systems simultaneously, including:

  • The Samsung TV, sound system, game consoles, and DVD players.

A first timer may find difficult to program the remote. For that purpose, I have composed this detailed step-by-step guide to help you pair the Directv remote with your Samsung smart TV.

How To Program DirecTV Remote To Samsung TV

Earlier, I shared a guide to programming DirecTV remote to Vizio TV, and this one is quite similar to that.

But before programming, it is important to check all the required connections and remote batteries.

Plug the Directv receiver into the Samsung TV via the HDMI port. Otherwise, the Directv remote is useless and won’t get paired up with your Samsung TV.

Also, check the Directv remote for its batteries.

To test the batteries for the Directv remote, press any button for a couple of seconds and notice the blinking of the green LED light on the remote:

  • Green light – means the batteries are as good as new
  • The green light is blinking too fast – this shows that the batteries have started to drain and might need to be replaced soon.
  • The green light is blinking slowly, or no light is visible – this means the batteries have drained completely and need to be replaced immediately.

DirectTV Remote Programming Codes List for Samsung TV

  • 10812, 10054, 10060, 10702, 10178, 10030, 11959, 11903, 11632, 11575, 11395, 11312, 11249, 11060, 10814, 10766, 10032, 10650, 10618, 10587, 10427, 10329, 10056

Method 1: Manually Pairing DirecTV Remote To Samsung TV

If you have an RC63, RC64, RC65, or RC66 DirecTV remote, you can follow these steps to connect your Samsung TV and DirecTV receiver remote.

  • Turn on the TV.
  • Slide the Mode switch to the TV position on the remote.
Switching DirecTV Remote to TV Mode
  • Press and hold the Mute and Select keys together. Release both keys when a green light flashes twice.
Holding select and mute key on DirecTV remote
DirecTV remote light flashing
  • Use the keypad to enter the 5-digit code for the Samsung TV brand. If the green light flashes twice, your programming method has gone correctly.
  • Aim the remote towards the TV and press the POWER button. The TV turns off after this indicates you have entered the correct code for the Samsung brand.
  • If it doesn’t, then repeat steps 3 and 4 and keep trying the codes in the sequence in the image until you find the correct code.
  • Slide the MODE switch to the Directv position. Press the POWER key. The TV should now turn on.

I recommend you note down the correct code for your Samsung TV somewhere so that you can refer to it if you need to program the Directv remote again in the future.

These steps are won’t work if you have an RC71 or RC73 Genie remote. You need to consult your remote’s user manual for step-by-step pairing instructions.

Method 2: Onscreen DirecTV Remote Programming

Take the Directv remote and press the following buttons in sequence:

  • Menu button > Settings > Remote Control > Program Remote

You can then follow the setup prompts on the screen and automatically program the remote.


How to Program a Directv Remote to an Older Samsung TV?

The method to program a Directv remote with an older Samsung TV is very similar to the one described above.

The only difference is you enter the 4-digit code 0101 as your Samsung TV code instead of the 5-digit 54000, which is for newer versions of the TV brand.

Can a Directv Remote Work With a Samsung Smart TV?

Yes. The procedure above is very much likely to work the same way for a Samsung Smart TV to pair your Directv remote with it. However, if the above method doesn’t work for you, try installing new batteries. If that fails, too, reset the remote to its default settings.

How to reset a Directv remote if it is not working?

To reset the DirecTV remote to its default factory settings, hold the Mute and SELECT buttons until the green LED light flashes three times. Enter code 981 and press SELECT. The LED will blink four times this time, indicating that the Directv remote is now factory reset.

Final Words

We hope this guide was helpful for you, and now you can easily program your Directv remote with the Samsung TV. Just enter the right code depending on if your Samsung TV is old or new, and you will easily master the programming of the remote with the TV. You don’t need to use any specific Samsung TV model codes for the Directv remote because the two codes, 54000 and 0101, are mostly enough to get the task done.

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