Universal Remote Codes for Grundig TV & Programming [2024]

Grundig TVs are gaining popularity due to their great picture quality and affordable prices. The TV comes with a remote, which is used for tuning and controlling other features.

You visiting this page clearly indicate that your Grundig TV remote has stopped working, and you just got a universal remote and are looking for instructions to program it to your TV.

Use the universal remote codes for Grundig TV to quickly program the remote control without any problem and access all your television functions.

Universal Remote Codes for Grundig TV

Use the below given universal remote codes for TV to program the remote to your device.

Grundig 7 in 1 Universal Remote Codes

  • 0094, 0020, 0054, 0744, 0053, 0003, 0045, 0056, 0018, 0051, 0010, 1038, 0050, 0711

Grundig TV Universal Remote 4 Digit Codes

  • 0195, 0310, 1124, 0160, 1131, 0161, 0171, 1144, 0320

3 Digit Universal Remote Codes for Grundig TV

  • 113, 110, 128

Philips Remote Codes for Grundig Universal

  • 0003, 0026, 0027, 0046, 0073, 0113, 0115, 0155, 0191, 0192, 0193, 0194, 0223, 0226, 0230, 0242, 0265, 0711, 0737, 1009, 1011, 1017, 1024, 1033, 1034

One-For-All Universal Remote Codes for Grundig TV

  • 34632, 32325, 16466, 11634, 34145, 21131, 13126, 34243, 22452, 33222, 31331, 14245, 24254, 11212, 24421, 26616

GE Universal Remote Codes for Grundig TV

  • 5064, 5067, 5072

RCA Universal Remote Codes for Grundig TV – 1056 and 10683

Magnavox Remote Codes for Grundig TV – 0522

How to Set Up Universal Remote to Grundig TV

Pairing a universal remote to Grundig smart TV functions is easy.

Hold the TV button for 3 seconds, choose and enter the universal remote code for TV from the list given above, and test remote functions.

These are the general steps to set up a universal remote. If these instructions didn’t work for you, check the below-given guides:


How do you find your 4 digit code on your TV?

You will find the 4 digit universal remote codes for your TV in the user manual. You need to locate and apply the code that matches your device and apply it using the programming guide.

What universal remotes work with Grundig TV?

You can use RCA or the GE universal remote to tune, change channels, control volume, and perform many other functions. These remotes work the same as the remote of Grundig television.

Can you get a universal remote for Grundig TV?

Yes, you can get a universal remote to control the functions of Grundig TV. This remote enables you to control all TV functions without any issues.

Is there a remote app for Grundig?

Yes, Grundig has a remote control application for Android mobile. Download and install the app on your smartphone, point your mobile towards the TV, and control it.

Can I use my phone as a remote on my Grundig TV?

Yes, you can use IR blaster-powered Android mobile to control the functions of your TV.

What do I do to get Grundig remote control working?

If your Grundig remote control is not working, you can try the following fixes: clean the battery connectors with the toothbrush, press all the buttons of the remote twice or thrice, replace the batteries, and lastly reprogram the remote.

Final Words

Grundig offers a wide range of options, including LED, Smart TV, and 4K Ultra HD TV. With the given Grundig TV remote codes, you can easily set up the remote control in less than a minute without any problem. Once the remote is successfully connected to your Grundig TV, you will be able to control all television functions without moving from your couch. You will get everything you are looking, a remote codes list for TV and pairing guide. If you find any new working code for your device or face any issues while programming, let us know in the comments.

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