Universal Remote Codes For ILO TV & Program Guide

Universal Remote Codes for ILO TV and Programming Guide

In this post, you will find the latest universal remote codes for ILO TV 2024 and an easy guide to pairing the remote with the TV.

One of the big issues with ILO TV television models is, that it is difficult to find their accessories. If you have lost ILO remote or it has stopped working then there are very few universal remotes that work with it. Here we are going to share which universal remote works best with the ILO TV. You will also get universal codes of GE, Philips, and RCA remotes that will help you in programming the remote.

ILO TV Universal Remote Codes List

Below are the three, four, and five-digit numeric codes to set up a universal remote for ILO TV. Each brand has different codes, so it is advised to use them carefully.

4 Digit Remote Codes For TV

  • 0171, 0179, 0180, 0463, 1000, 1004, 1030, 1035, 1054, 1090, 1107, 1133, 1168, 1169, 1206, 1230, 1286

5 Digit Remote Codes

  • 11286, 11603, 11684, 11990, 10463, 10171

RCA Universal Remote Codes

  • 0074, 1394, 0059, 0069, 1665, 1133, 1218, 1286, 1054, 1684, 1168, 1990, 0073, 1603, 11990, 0070, 1230, 1206, 11394, 11684, 1169, 1219, 0085, 0171, 0060, 11665, 1231

DirecTV Remote Codes

  • 11394, 11603, 13149, 11665, 11990, 11286, 11684, 11463

Philips Universal Remote Codes

  • 0421, 1608, 1004, 1903

Magnavox Universal Remote Codes for iLO TV: 0059, 0070, 0072

Pavy Remote Codes for ILO: 921, 925

Chunghop Remote Codes for iLO TV: 521

How To Program Universal Remote To ILO TV

Here are the step-by-step instructions to set up a universal remote with a codes entry method:

  1. Switch ON your ILO TV.
  2. Install a pair of fresh batteries in the remote control.
  3. Simultaneously hold the “Power” and “TV” button on the remote until its light starts glowing.
  4. Next, enter the 3, 4, or 5 digits universal remote code using the keypad.
  5. The remote light will turn OFF if the entered code is correct.
  6. Press different buttons on the remote to check its functions are working properly.

If all the features are functioning properly, enjoy! If the TV is not responding to the remote then repeat the above steps with a different code.

You can check the following guide:


Which is the best universal remote for iLO TV?

As per our testing and experience, Magnavox is the best universal remote for ILO TV.

How do you program a GE universal remote to an ILO TV?

To set up GE universal remote to ILO TV: Turn on your TV. Hold the ‘Setup’ button till the remote light lights up. Press and release the TV button. Type the ILO TV remote code. That’s it, your GE remote has been programmed.

How to reset iLO TV without a remote?

To reset your iLO TV without a remote follow these steps: Unplug your TV from the wall. Hold the power button for five seconds, then release it. Plug your TV back in. Switch ON your TV and it’s been reset.

How to change the input on the old iLO TV without a remote?

You can use the Menu button to change the input on your ILO TV without a remote.

Why won’t my ILO tv turn on?

There are several reasons due to why iLO TV won’t turn ON. First, check the power cable is connected properly. Secondly, check the cable for signs of cuts and wraps. Thirdly, try a different power socket.

Why ILO TV is not responding to the remote?

Here are some quick fixes: Make sure no object is blocking the IR signals between the TV and the remote. Remove the batteries from the remote and press all buttons. Install a fresh pair of batteries in the remote.

Final Words

ILO TV is not so popular brand but many people still have it in their shops, caravan, and camper trailer. I hope you will be able to easily program your universal remote to iLO TV with the given codes. All the codes are working to date.

In the list, you will find multiple codes, if a code fails you can try a different one. We will highly appreciate it if you find a new code and share that with us. Don’t hesitate to share your issues if you face any, we will be happy to answer them. You can also post your feedback in the comment box.

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