How To Program GMatrix Universal Remote A-TV2 and U-43

Learn how you can quickly program GMatrix universal remote A-TV2 and U-43 to TV, LED LCD, and Smart TV via code entry or auto code search method.

GMatrix A-TV2 universal remote for TV is an excellent choice if your remote is broken or lost. This remote is compatible with 1000+ brands of LCD, LED, and Smart TVs. The only hiccup in its usage is pairing. To make the remote functional, you will need to program it first. Otherwise, it won’t work. There are multiple methods of connecting the GMatrix remote to the desired device, and we will share all of them in detail.

How To Program GMatrix Universal Remote

Carefully follow the below-given instructions to pair GMatrix remote control to your device.

NOTE: Get a fresh pair of batteries and install them in the remote.

Programming Remote via Direct Code Entry

This is the effortless method to program GMatrix universal remote. Before moving on to the steps check this GMatrix remote codes list because you are going to need it.

  1. Switch ON your device
  2. First, press Set and then Power buttons, and keep holding them for 3 seconds. Leave the buttons when the remote light turns ON.
  3. Choose and enter the code from the given list. If the code is correct, the remote light will turn OFF. If the code is incorrect the light will flash four times and remain ON.
  4. We assume you have programmed the remote. Next, test all remote functions starting with power ON/OFF.

NOTE: Try to perform actions a bit quickly because a delay of 10 seconds will exit the programming process.

Program Remote Using Brand Search Method

There are some devices that can be programmed by simply pressing a single button. Follow the step-by-step guide to programming it.

  1. Switch ON your TV
  2. Aim the remote towards the television and hold the ‘SET’ button.
  3. While holding the ‘Set’ button, hold the number button that represents your brand.
  4. Keep holding both buttons until your TV shuts off.
  5. Release the keys when the TV turns off.

Below are the keys for each brand:

  • Mute button for RCA and GE
  • 1 for Sony
  • 2 for Samsung
  • 3 for Philips
  • 4 for Toshiba
  • 5 for JVC and Sanyo
  • 6 for LG and GoldStar
  • 7 for Mitsubishi
  • 8 for Sharp
  • 9 for Panasonic
  • 0 for NEC and Pack
  • -/- – for Hitachi

Pair Remote Via Code Searching Method

With this method, you can program universal remote without codes. Let’s check how it is done:

  1. Turn ON your TV manually by pressing the ‘Power’ button.
  2. First, press the ‘set’ and then ‘power’ buttons on the remote, and hold them until the remote light turns ON.
  3. After releasing both keys, press and release the ‘Channel Up’ or ‘Channel Down’ button. You can also hold the mentioned keys for fast searching of code.
    Every time you will press a button, the remote will search for a code.
  4. Repeat step 3 until the changes.
  5. When the channel changes, press the ‘Mute’ button to save the code.

Now you press different keys to test other functions of the remote control.

Automatic Code Search Method

  1. Switch ON your TV
  2. Direct the A-TV2 remote towards the TV and hold the ‘Set’ button for about 10 seconds. Release the button when the remote light lights.
  3. The remote will begin searching for codes automatically
  4. Upon finding the correct code, your TV will turn OFF.

If following all the above-given guides, you cannot program the remote, change the batteries, and try again. If still, it doesn’t work, then your remote must be faulty or incompatible with the device.

Final Words

GMatrix A-TV2 and U-43 universal remotes are good for LCD TVs. With compatibility with over 1000 brands of televisions, this is one of the best replacements if your remote has stopped working. We have explained the programming guides in very simple words, but if you still face any problems, feel free to write us in the comments. We hope the provided information will be helpful for you, don’t forget to provide your feedback.



  2. colleen braun says:

    After I program the remote to the vizio tv it works for the volume but not the channels. Then I can get the channels but no volume??

  3. Remote will do everything but change channels! Any suggestions? Thanks.

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