Sony TV Universal Remote Codes & Programming Tips [Updated]

Universal Remote Codes for Sony TV, LED, LCD, Bravia Smart TV

I tested some Sony TV universal remote codes on of my friends TV and they worked like a charm. I hope you won’t face problem in pairing your remote as well.

Universal Remote Codes For Sony TV [2024]

The universal remote programming codes for compatible with all Sony TV models.

3 Digit Remote Codes

  • 002, 000, 011, 080, 111, 006, 071, 128, 925

4 Digit Remote Codes

  • 0000, 0834, 0810, 1685, 1786, 1032, 1972, 1904

5 Digit Codes

  • 11100, 10000, 11317

Chunghop Universal Remote Codes

GE Remote Codes

Jumbo Universal Remote Codes

  • 002
  • 006
  • 071
  • 128

One for All Universal Remote Codes

  • 23352
  • 42226
  • 21656

Philips Universal Remote Codes

  • 0414
  • 0902
  • 0801
  • 0708
  • 0639

Magnavox Universal Remote Codes

  • 0101
  • 0043
  • 0029
  • 0030

RCA Universal Remote Codes for Sony TV: 10810, 11685

Pavy Remote Code for Sony TV: 605

Sony is a renowned brand around the globe. Their TVs are bit expensive but are highly durable and reliable except the remote control. Like other brands Sony TV remote can stop working due to a minor issue. If your TV remote is not responding even after replacing the batteries, you need to get a new one. I suggest you to go for a universal remote and program it to your TV with codes.

I have shared multiple codes for each brand of remote so that you don’t face any issues while configuring a universal remote to Sony TV.

Sony TV remote controls are excellent but eventually one day your remote will suddenly stop working due to an uncertain reason. In this case, the ultimate solution to the problem is getting a Sony TV universal remote. The best thing is if you have multiple Sony devices like a TV, sound bar, DVD, or Blu-ray player, you can control all of them with one remote.

How to Pair Universal Remote to Sony TV

Now, the question arises of how to program a universal remote. Here is what you need to do to control your TV functions:

  • Turn on your TV
  • Hold Code Search or Setup button on the remote till the light ignites
  • Press and release the TV key on the remote
  • Type the universal code
  • Test remote functions.

If the given steps are not compatible with your remote control follow the links given below to find a guide that works with your remote.


Can a universal remote work on a Sony TV?

YES! Sony TV works perfectly with a universal remote control. It empowers you to control all the functions of the television without any problem.

Which is the best universal remote for Sony TV?

The remotes that work best with the Sony TV are Magnavox universal remote and RCA remote control.

What is the universal remote code for Sony Bravia TV?

The universal code to pair a remote to Bravia TV is 262, 243. This is a code for Huayu remote control. Try the above-given codes and one of them will work for sure.

Can I use my phone as a Sony TV remote?

Smartphones running Android 4.1 and up having an IR blaster, can be used as a remote control for Sony TV. You need to download it from the iOS or Google play store and pair it with the TV.

Can I download a remote for my Sony TV?

YES, you can download a remote app for Sony TV from Apple iTunes for iPhone and Google Play Store for Android devices.

How do I use my Sony TV without a remote?

The Sony TV has a complete control panel on its frame. Using this panel you can Power ON/OFF, tune, change channels, and control the volume of the television.

Can I use my iPhone to control my Sony TV?

You can use Apple Home Kit to control the functions of Sony TV using your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Having internet connectivity is a must to use HomeKit.

Where are the buttons on SONY TV?

The buttons location depends on the model of the Sony TV. Usually, the Sony TV control panel is located on the right or at the back side of the TV.

Our Remote Programming Guides

Final Words

To sum things up, we highly recommend using a universal remote for Sony TV as a replacement remote control. Once properly configured you can control 4 to 8 devices at a time. The functionality of the Sony replacement remote is similar to the one that you get with the TV. We have provided the Sony TV remote programming codes list which will help you in the programming process. If you are facing any problem in connecting the universal remote to Sony TV or with the given codes, write to us in the comments. Don’t forget to like and share this post to support us.

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