Universal Remote Codes for LG Soundbar [2023 Working]

In this post, you get the universal remote codes for LG soundbar 2023 list and a guide to pairing the remote to control all the functions of the device.

Among all other good things, the best thing about the LG soundbar is that you can control it using a universal remote control. If you have a universal remote you can pair it with your TV, soundbar, DVD, etc., and control all of them with a single remote.

Each remote has its own compatibility like GE universal remote is compatible with up to 8 devices and with Magnavox remote control you can control 4 devices at a time. If you got your hands on a universal remote then you need to program it first to unlock all its functions. For this purpose, we are going to share a list of universal remote codes for the soundbar that you can use to pair the remote to your device.

Universal Remote Codes for LG Soundbar [2023 Working]

Below is the universal remote codes list for the LG soundbar, earlier we shared Vizio soundbar codes, do not use them because they won’t work at all. The given keycodes will only work on the sound bar of LG and not the Sanyo soundbar or any other device.

5 Digit Universal Remote Codes for LG Soundbar

  • 32676
  • 31953
  • 31293
  • 11993

4 Digit Universal Remote Codes for LG Soundbar

  • 1293
  • 4041
  • 4025

GE Universal Remote Codes For LG Soundbar: 0972

Cox Remote Codes For LG Sound Bar: 3217

RCA Remote Codes For LG Sound Bar: 1415

How to Program Universal Remote to LG Soundbar

To set up a universal remote for the LG soundbar follow the below-given instructions as they are given.

  1. Switch ON your LG soundbar and aim the remote toward it.
  2. Press and hold the “AUX” button on the remote until the remote’s light turns ON. This activates the programming feature of the remote.
  3. When the light is glowing, pick a code from the list and enter it using the remote’s numeric keypad.
  4. Entering the correct code will turn OFF the remote light.
  5. At this point start testing the functions of the remote.

If the remote light starts blinking after entering the code, it means the code is incorrect and you have to try the next one.

If the given guide is not working for you, try the guides given below:

FAQs LG Soundbar

Can I use a Samsung Soundbar remote with LG?

No, Samsung soundbar remote will not work with the LG soundbar. You need to get LG universal remote to control your device.

Which is the best universal remote for the LG soundbar?

One of the best universal remotes for LG soundbars is the RCA. It is easy to pair and control all the functions of the soundbar.

Can you use a universal remote for the LG soundbar?

Yes, if your original LG remote is not working, you can use a universal remote control.

Can I use the LG tv remote with the LG soundbar?

LG TV and soundbar remote work on SimpLink technology. This technology enables you to control the functions of the soundbar with the LG TV remote control.

Is there a remote app for LG Sound Bar?

TV Plus is an LG Smart TV application for iOS and Android devices. Download and install the app on your phone or tablet and you will get a remote on your device using which you can control the TV and LG soundbar.

What is the F button on LG Sound Bar remote?

The “F” key on the LG soundbar remote is for switching between different audio outputs.

Can I use my iPhone as a remote for my soundbar?

Download TV Plus for LG TV Remote on your iPhone or iPad and enable the Bluetooth to establish a connection and start controlling the functions of the soundbar.

How to control the LG soundbar without a remote?

You cannot control the LG soundbar without a remote. Here your best bet is to get a universal remote or install a remote app on your smartphone.

Can I use my phone as a soundbar remote?

If your phone has an IR blaster or Bluetooth technology, you can use your mobile as an LG soundbar remote.

Final Words

LG is one of the most renowned brands in the world. Their Smart TVs and soundbars are very popular among the masses. Controlling these devices with a remote is extremely easy but if your remote is not working you can use a universal remote. We have shared all the working codes for the LG soundbar which will help you to pair your remote to the device. If you follow the given method correctly you will easily program the remote control. For any issues, you can contact us using the comments section below.


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