How To Program GE Universal Remote With & Without Code

GE remote is one of the best universal remotes you can have for your TV, soundbar, DVD, and Blu-Ray players. It is affordable and easy to set up.

General Electric allows you to program the universal remote in 3 different ways:

  • Programming With Code
  • Programming Without Code
  • Number Search Method

I have created a comprehensive DIY remote pairing guide, following which you can easily program GE universal remote to the desired entertainment device.

As per the situation, you can choose the method that suits you the best. If you opt for the first method, you will need these GE universal remote programming codes.

To quickly and easily pair GE universal remote without entring a code, turn ON your TV and hold the Setup key until the remote light turns ON. Press the TV key and start pressing the remote’s Power button after regular intervals. When the TV switches OFF, turn it ON again and start pressing the Volume+ key after every 3 seconds until your TV switches OFF again. That’s it!

How To Program GE Universal Remote With Code

Follow the step by step instructions below to program general electric universal remote using the code entry method

  • Step 1: First, “Turn ON” your TV and point your remote control towards the device.
  • Step 2: Press and hold the “Set-Up” button and wait for the signal. The LED light of the remote will turn ON.
  • Step 3: Now, press the device button (TV, DVD, Cable Box) whichever you want to program with the remote. We are assuming you are programming TV, so press the TV button.
  • Step 4: If you have a user booklet then search for the relevant key code in it. If it doesn’t have the code, you can check the GE universal remote codes list above. Find the correct code according to your device and type it using the remote keypad.
  • Step 5: Upon entering the right key code, the remote control LED light will switch OFF. This means you has been successfully connected to the device.
    NOTE: If the code is incorrect, try the next code. Here we are assuming your digit code is correct.
  • Step 6: Now to verify and confirm the code press the remote’s “Power” button.

Following this method you can program GE remote to TV, soundbar, blu ray, DVD player, and streaming devices. You can also download GE remote user manual it also has a very informative stuff.

How To Program GE Universal Remote Without Code [CL3, CL4, CL5]

The remote will automatically pair the remote to the device.

Without further ado, let’s check how you can easily program GE universal remote to a TV, CBL, audio device, etc, with no code.

  • Step 1: “Switch ON” your device (TV, CBL, etc.) and point the remote towards it.
  • Step 2: Press and hold the “Setup” button until you notice the red LED light on your remote turns ON.
Hold Setup Button
GE Remote Light will Turn ON
  • Step 3: On the remote, there is a button to program every device and you have to press that. We are going to program TV so we will press the “TV” button. If you want to configure the DVD, you will press the DVD button.
Press the TV Button
  • Step 4: Next, press the “Power” button after every 5 seconds on the remote until your TV turns OFF.
Press and Release Power Button
  • Step 5: Now, again Turn ON your TV from the front panel of the TV.
  • Step 6: Start pressing the “Vol +” or “Channel +” button after every 3 seconds until the TV turns OFF.
Keep Pressing VOL Button

Doing so forces the remote to find the correct keycodes stored in the remote database.

When it finds the correct code, your TV will switch OFF again. This means the right code has been detected.

  • Step 5: Again, switch ON your television and check the remote functions.

That’s it you have successfully paired the GE universal remote control. Now you can access all functions of your device using a remote.

Number Search Method To Program GE Remote

This method to configure your GE universal remote for a TV does not work on all devices.

Let’s see how this works and how you can use it to program the remote to your device.

  • Step 1: “Turn ON” your TV. Make sure all other devices placed near the TV are OFF.
  • Step 2: Direct the remote towards the TV and press and hold the “Setup” button and wait until the LED light blinks two times or turns ON.
  • Step 3: Press the device button. In our case, it’s the TV. You can press the respective button as per your device to begin programming the remote.
  • Step 4: After choosing the right device, enter this code “991”.
  • Step 5: Now, press and hold the “Power” and “Channel +” button and wait until the device turns OFF.
  • Step 6:  Turning OFF means the remote has been programmed and now you have to verify it by pressing the “Enter” button.
  • Step 7: After verification, press the “Power” button again to save the code in the remote’s database. Now you can use the GE universal remote control with your desired device.

If, by following the given two methods, you are failed to program your remote, it may have a stuck memory issue.

To fix this, you need to reset GE universal remote. This will clear its cache and power residue. After this, try pairing your remote again.

NOTE: The above-mentioned instructions to program the general electric universal remote control will also work on GE CL 3, CL 4, and CL 5. The guide is also compatible with the following variants of the GE universal remote control:

  • 40081
  • 33709
  • SRP9263C
  • 48848
  • 34708
  • 33701
  • 41567
  • 40081
  • 48844
  • 37123
  • 44221
  • 33711
  • 349283
  • 34459
  • 44235
  • 46195
  • 40069
  • 37038

They are compatible with over 1000 devices of different brands, including TVs, soundbars, DVD players, Blu-ray, satellite boxes, DishTV, streaming players, and more.

And depending upon the variant you have of the GE universal remote, it is capable of controlling three to eight devices at a time.

Final Words

General Electric, famously known as GE, offers a wide range of universal remote controls. One thing that we like the most about their remotes is their compatibility. To conclude, yes, you can program GE remote without code using the auto code search method.

Once in programming mode, the remote start scanning for codes and automatically applies the one that is correct. The given instructions work with LG TV, Vizio tv, Samsung tv, Roku tv, element tv, ONN TV, Sceptre TV, firestick, and many other devices. If you follow the guide correctly, you can set up GE remote in less than a minute. Let us know if you face any problems in pairing the remote.


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