Universal Remote Codes For Promac TV & Programming Guide [2024]

After getting our hands on the codes, I tried some of the listed codes on my friend’s Promac TV. And confirm that these codes work fine. The remotes I used for testing are Magnavox Universal Remote and RCA Universal Remote.

It doesn’t mean that only these two remotes are compatible with the Promac Smart TV. You can get any universal remote and pair it with your television. If the given codes don’t work for your remote, you can also use the auto code search method to program it.

I know you must be looking for universal remote codes for Promac TV. I have compiled a fresh list of programming codes and posted on this below.

Universal Remote Codes For Promac TV [2024]

Below is the full list of universal remote codes for TV. Using the given codes you can easily program any universal remote to your TV.

3 Digit Remote Codes

  • 101
  • 184
  • 102
  • 058
  • 048
  • 029
  • 012
  • 027

4 Digit Remote Codes

  • 0000
  • 0163
  • 0162
  • 0031
  • 0107
  • 0015

How To Program Universal Remote To Promac TV

If you don’t know how to program a remote to your Promac TV, follow this guide:

  • Press the Power button on the TV to switch it ON.
  • Hold the Setup button on the universal remote till its light turns ON.
  • Press the TV button as we are programming the remote for the television.
  • The next step is to enter a remote code compatible with your device.
  • After entering the code, check the remote light if it is turned OFF, your remote is paired successfully.

You can also check the following programming guides:

If you are still unable to program the remote to your TV, you can mention your issue in the comments section. We will help you to get rid of the problem.

If you don’t have a universal remote, you can check the Promac tv manual to confirm whether it is compatible with Promac remote control app or not.

And if it is compatible then you can download and install the Promac tv remote app on your mobile and use it as a remote.

Promac LED TVs Compatible with Universal Remote

  • LED-2KA4200D
  • 3DS3290M
  • 4KS5540
  • F4077M
  • F4090STV
  • F4390STV
  • F5090STV
  • 2KA4000D
  • H3231M
  • And many other models

Why is my Promac tv remote not working?

Promac TV remote stops working due to the following reasons:

  • Dirt stuck in the remote buttons
  • Battery connectors are dirty
  • Batteries are not installed properly
  • You have installed expired batteries
  • The Remote is not correctly programmed to the TV
  • An internal circuit of the remote control is broken

Which is the best universal remote for Promac TV?

We tested Magnavox and RCA remotes on Promac TV and they work like a charm. Apart from these two, you can also use GE universal remote to control Promac LED TV.

How to use Promac tv without a remote?

If your Promac remote is not working, you can use the buttons panel present on the sides or back to control your TV. With these buttons, you can set up, tune channels, change channels, control the volume, and unlock Promac TV.

Final Words

Promac is one of the known LED TV and Speaker brands in the Philippines. All their product range is highly affordable. As every device comes with a remote so managing each device with a different remote is a bit hiccup. You can use a universal remote to control 3-4 entertainment devices with a single remote. Above we have posted universal remote codes for Promac TV which you can use to pair the remote to your television. Hope you will be able to easily program the remote with your TV, if you face any problems let us know in the comments box.

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