How To Program Dish Remote To Samsung TV [3 Methods]

Programming your DISH satellite TV remote to your Samsung TV allows you to switch seamlessly between TV and DISH programming. Pairing the remote to a smart TV is easy. However, the process can be a hassle for some people.

Hopper, Joey, or Wally receiver users can program the remote using the Pairing Wizard option. If you have a 21.0 or down series DISH remote, you can set it up with remote programming codes or auto-scanning method.

To program Dish remote to Samsung TV, open Settings, select Remote Control, choose TV, go to TV Pairing Wizard, choose your TV brand, and the remote will begin pairing.

1. How To Program Dish Remote To Samsung TV

  • Switch ON your Samsung TV manually.
  • Press the Home/Menu button on the Dish remote twice.
  • A list of options will appear on your TV screen. Navigate and select Settings.
  • Choose the Remote Control option.
  • Navigate to the Devices section and select TV.
  • Now, open TV Pairing Wizard.
  • A list of TV brands will appear, choose Samsung TV.
  • The remote will begin searching for the exact remote code for Samsung TV.
  • After each code, you need to test the remote function by pressing the Power, Volume, or Navigational Keys.
  • If the remote is paired successfully, select Finished and enjoy.

Note: This guide is compatible with Dish Voice Remote or 40.0/50.0/52.0/54.0 Series remote. You can use the same guide to program the Dish remote to Vizio TV.

2. Programming DISH Network Remote to Samsung TV Without Code

  • Turn ON your Samsung TV by pressing the physical Power button.
  • Hold the TV button on the remote until the four mode buttons on the remote start glowing.
  • Release the remote button, and the remote light will start blinking.
  • Now, press and release the Power button on the remote. The lights will stop blinking. It indicates the remote is in pairing mode.
  • Next, press the Up directional/arrow button to send the programming code to the TV. Repeat this step every 3 seconds until your Samsung TV turns OFF.
  • When your TV is switched OFF, it indicates dish TV remote is paired to a Samsung TV.
  • Press the # button to store the code.
  • Now, begin testing the different remote functions to ensure they work fine.

The Dish remote programming guide above is compatible with the 20.0/21.0 series remote.

3. Pairing DISH TV Remote to Samsung TV With Codes

  • Switch ON your Samsung smart TV by pressing the physical Power button.
  • Hold the TV button on the remote and wait until the LED lights on the remote start glowing.
  • Check the Dish universal remote codes and note down the code for Samsung TV.
  • Enter the code and press the # key on the remote.
  • Your remote is programmed into Samsung TV.

Final Words

Connecting the Dish network remote to your Samsung TV doesn’t require you to be a tech-savvy person. By following the steps stated above, you can pair the remote. All you need to do is choose the right guide and follow the steps correctly. If you cannot perform programming, post your concerns in the comments section. If you know any other method, share it to help other people.

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