How To Program Philips Universal Remote Without Code [2023]

Don’t have Philips remote codes? Don’t worry; we will guide you on how to program Philips universal remote without code.

Earlier, we guided you on how to program Philips universal remote with codes. After that, many people contacted us to share a method to program Philips remote without code. Though the remote supports over 200+ brands and 1000+ models, sometimes the situation becomes challenging. If your device is unavailable in the Philips universal remote codes list or the given codes are not working with your TV, follow the guide.

We will tell you how to automatically program a Philips remote to a TV, sound bar, streaming device, satellite box, etc. In this technique, the remote scans the code database and applies the one perfect for your device. You may also like to check Philips soundbar universal remote codes.

How To Program Philips Universal Remote Without Code [2023]

Though Philips universal remote comes with a huge list of codes for different devices, if you cannot find a suitable code, you can try this method. Let’s see how you can program universal remote automatically:

how to program philips universal remote without codes
  1. Switch ON your device (TV, STR, SAT, DVD, Audio) manually by pressing the power button.
  2. Direct the Philips remote towards your television set.
  3. Press and hold the “Setup/Code Search” button, and wait till the remote light Turns ON. At this point, release the “Setup” button.
  4. Now, press and release the device button. Here we are taking an example of television. So press the TV button.
  5. Press and release the “Power” button and wait for 5. At this stage, the remote will start searching for codes.
  6. Repeat “Step 6” until your TV switches OFF. Switching OFF of the device means it has been programmed.
  7. When the television turns OFF, press the “TV” button on the remote again to save the code.

Now you can test the functions of the remote by pressing different buttons. We hope it will work for you. With this guide, you can pair the remote to Roku, Firestick, RCA, LG TV, and many other television brands.

Final Words

To conclude, we can say that programming Philips universal remote without codes is the second easiest method to pair the remote to the TV. However, it is time-consuming, and some applied codes may not be fully functional. Still, this method is ideal for those whose device code is not mentioned in the Philips Universal remote user manual.


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