Universal Remote Codes For KONKA TV & Programming

After 15 hours of research, I have created this latest list of universal remote codes for Konka TV. I tried it and assure you it is 100% working.

Malfunctioning of the Konka TV remote can occur at any time due to any reason. One quick solution to get yourself out of this situation is to get a universal remote. The best universal remote for Konka TV will let you control all the functions without any problem. However, the only hurdle in establishing a connection between TV and remote is getting the right codes.

KONKA TV Universal Remote Codes

Below is the complete 3, 4, and 5-digit remote codes list for Konka TVs. Use them to connect your universal remote to Konka TV.

Philips Remote Codes

  • 0942, 0208, 0906, 0306, 0702, 0911, 0842, 0203, 0504

Magnavox Remote Codes

  • 0906, 0702, 0203, 0306, 0208, 0911, 0842, 0942, 0504

GE Remote Codes

  • 0053, 0011, 0016, 0047, 0066, 0103, 0412, 0413, 0029

Vizio Remote Codes

  • 0029, 0066, 0412, 0011, 0103, 0047, 0016, 0053

Chunghop Remote Control Codes

  • 470, 471, 472, 473, 474, 475, 476, 477, 478, 479

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Jumbo Universal Remote Codes

  • 016, 047, 066, 157, 148, 176

Radio Shack Remote Codes

  • 041, 045, 062, 073, 157, 161, 173, 189, 228, 322

Check the complete list of Radio Shack universal remote codes for TV.

One for All Universal Remote Codes for KONKA TV: 11212, 14261

If you purchased a remote and don’t have codes or the old codes are not working, don’t worry we will share the new 2023 Konka smart TV remote codes list. As per my findings, Philips universal remote is best for Konka TV. It is easy to pair and works like a charm.

List of Konka TV Compatible with Universal Remotes

  • KONKA 812 series
  • 810 series
  • 806 series
  • 808 series
  • 680 series
  • 680 pro series
  • 667 series
  • 668 series
  • 672 series
  • H3
  • U5
  • Q7
  • 315 series
  • 804 series
  • 669 series

How To Program Universal Remote To Konka TV

To set up a universal remote for the TV with codes, follow these simple steps:

  • Press the Power button on the TV to switch it ON.
  • Insert batteries in the remote and hold the Setup key till the remote light turns RED or Green.
  • When the light becomes lit, press the TV key on the remote.
  • Next, choose and enter the Konka remote code.
  • That’s it! Your universal remote will start functioning.

You can also check the following guides to program your remote:

Why Konka TV remote is not working?

If your Konka remote is not working, try the following things. Clean remote control buttons, clean battery terminals, and install a fresh pair of batteries. If it still doesn’t work, you need to replace it with a universal remote for the TV.

Can I use a universal remote with Konka TV?

Yes, you can use a universal remote with Konka television. These universal remotes are compatible with Konka, Vizio, Philips, GE, Magnavox, and One for All. Must check the remote’s compatibility with your TV before buying.

Final Words

The only problem that you probably face with Konka TV is when suddenly its remote stops working. After this, you will be unable to change channels, control the volume, or tune new channels. In this case, you need to replace the remote with a universal remote. For your ease, we have shared the universal remote codes for Konka TV which will enable you to easily connect your remote to the TV. If you face any trouble in programming, write us in the comments.

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