Universal Remote Codes For Proscan TV & How To Program

Get the 3, 4, 5 digit universal remote codes for Proscan TV, DVD, and Sound Bars and learn how to pair the remote to the device in less than a minute.

Universal Remote Programming Codes For Proscan TV

Pick the universal code according to your remote’s brand from the list given below and apply them by following the programming guide.

GE Remote Codes

  • 0163, 0162, 0031, 0000, 0107, 0015

Philips Remote Codes

  • 0704, 0312, 0103, 0601, 0817, 0917

RCA Remote Codes

  • 1000, 1100, 1181, 1203, 1212, 1233

One-For-All Remote Codes

  • 0163, 0162, 0031, 0000, 0107, 0015

3 Digits Remote Codes

  • 500, 028, 645, 863, 506, 000, 100, 272, 019, 505, 212, 134, 216, 705, 262, 024, 015, 203, 503, 646, 650, 668, 615, 627, 680, 742, 520, 516, 776, 522, 136, 781, 767, 859, 749, 857, 779, 254, 031, 107, 181, 233, 132, 116, 040, 016, 056

4 Digits Remote Codes

  • 2381, 0047, 1347, 3512, 2147, 3895, 0312, 5160, 4011, 0015, 2144, 2319, 0704, 0917, 5056, 1023, 1007, 1079, 1107, 0000, 5421, 1651, 0163, 2118, 0103, 0221, 2371, 0817, 5014, 2205, 2561, 1447, 2256, 4035, 3636, 4490, 4491, 4483, 4492, 4495, 2634, 3382, 3717, 4375, 4493, 4494

5 Digits Remote Codes

  • 10747, 10625, 13332, 11447, 13907, 10047, 13577, 10000, 13020, 10178, 12291, 12609, 11347, 14077, 14035, 18108, 13382, 14235, 12183, 12256, 13717, 13895, 12147, 12746, 13636, 10466, 11922, 10030, 13939, 16915, 14216, 10144, 10960, 12293

Proscan TV Universal Codes: 1000, 1008, 1068, 1094, 1108

Proscan HDTV Universal Codes: 1000

Proscan DVD Universal Codes: 2118, 2144, 2205, 2319

Proscan VCR Universal Codes: 3000

NOTE: The given universal codes are compatible with LED Smart Ultra HD TV, LED Smart TV, LED TV/DVD Combos, LED TV, and soundbars.

Can I control Proscan TV with a universal remote? It is one of the frequently asked questions on the technical forums. Well, yes you can use One-for-All, RCA, Magnavox, and GE universal remote to control the Proscan devices.

The devices will respond exactly as they respond to the factory remote. The most important step in using a universal remote is pairing because it won’t work without pairing. To establish a connection between the remote and Pro Scan television, you will need some codes and a programming guide.

All the given universal remote codes are the latest and 2024 updated.

How tTo Program Universal Remote to Proscan TV With Codes

Below are the step-by-step instructions to program a universal remote to Proscan TV via the direct code entry method. In this technique, you will need the right keycode to make the remote work. Let’s jump onto the steps:

  1. Insert a fresh pair of AAA batteries into the remote control.
  2. Switch ON your TV manually by pressing the “Power” button.
  3. While pointing the universal remote toward Proscan TV, press and hold the “Code Search” button.
  4. Wait for a few seconds until the small light on the remote turns ON. At this point, release the button. This signals that the remote is in programming mode.
  5. Press and release the “TV” button on the remote as we are pairing it with the television.
  6. Now, pick the code from the list given above and enter it by pressing the numeric keys on the remote.
  7. When you enter the correct code, the remote light will turn OFF.
    Entering an incorrect code will make the light blink 4-5 times and turn it ON again. You need to enter a different code.
  8. We are assuming you have successfully paired the universal remote to a Proscan smart TV. Now, for testing purposes, press the different function keys on the remote. Start by pressing the “Power” button.

If the above-mentioned steps are not suitable for your remote control, you must check the links below to find a guide compatible with your remote:


Which is the best universal remote for Proscan TV?

GE and one-for-all universal remote controls are best for Proscan TVs, soundbars, and DVDs.

Is a ProScan remote universal?

No, and Yes! With any Proscan remote, you can control all Proscan devices i.e., TV, DVD, and soundbar. However, you can’t control a device of any other brand like Sony, Samsung, LG, etc.

Can I control Proscan TV with a universal remote?

Yes, you can control Proscan TV with a universal remote. By programming a universal remote, you can control Comcast, Dish Network, Direct TV, RCA, etc.

How do you use a ProScan TV without a remote?

You will find a complete control panel on the side of the TV. This panel includes Power On/OFF, Menu, Input, Volume Up/Down, and Channel Up/Down buttons. You can easily access all functions of the Proscan television without a remote control. For this purpose, you can also use the proscan tv remote app.

How do I reset my Proscan TV remote?

Remove the batteries from the remote control. Hold the power button for 1 minute. Next, press each key of the remote control one by one and leave the remote for 15 minutes. Install the batteries again and you are good to go.

Why is my Proscan remote not working?

First, check and clean the remote control terminals. Second, make sure there is no object that is blocking the IR signals of the TV and remote. Third, replace the old batteries with new ones.

How do I program my DirecTV remote to my ProScan TV?

Follow these quick steps to program the DirectTV remote to a Proscan device:  Press and hold MUTE and ENTER to put the remote in learning mode.  Now press MENU>SETTINGS>SETTINGS & HELP>REMOTE CONTROL>PROGRAM TV.  Follow the On-Screen instruction to program the ProScan TV.

What is the GE universal remote code for Proscan TV?

0163, 0162, 0031, 0000, 0107, 0015.

Final Words

If your Proscan TV remote has stopped responding or is lost, the best replacement for it is a universal remote. When programmed correctly, a universal remote enables you to access all the basic functions of your TV by sitting on your couch. All you need to set up a remote is a working universal code and we have shared the latest 2022 codes list for Proscan TV. You can choose a code and follow our pairing guide to connect the remote to your TV. You can post your concerns and questions in the comments.

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